Learn to Swim

Learn to swim

For ages 1 - 5 year olds

Learning to swim is a key skill for any child to learn (and can cost mum and dad a fair bit in the process), so why not make the most of free swimming lessons for toddlers at some of our most family-friendly parcs?

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Kids Club Learn to Swim
Kids Club Learn to Swim
Kids Club Learn to Swim
Kids Club Learn to Swim

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Kids Club Learn to Swim

Free swimming lessons supported by the STA

We’ve teamed up with the Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA) the world’s largest swim-teaching and life-saving organisation (we were impressed, too). Together, we offer swimming sessions from fully trained Kids’ Couriers to help your young ones:

  1. Build confidence in water
  2. Teach water safety
  3. Learn basic swimming movements
  4. Bond with mum or dad
  5. Take part in fun group activities

Our Learn to Swim Kids’ Couriers are in the water too; giving guidance, support and assistance as well as enjoying the fun with everyone.

Learn to Swim on 13 parcs

You’ll find 2 different swimming lessons available during the morning:

Learn to Swim Starfish

  1. Ages 1-2 years

Little ones have lots of fun whilst learning basic water safety skills and movement patterns that will enable them to swim independently when they are ready. Using familiar songs and rhymes, they will learn how to hold on, float, blow bubbles, rotate and move through the water in different ways.

  1. Ages 2-5 years

In these lessons, children over 2 years begin to co-ordinate movement patterns to become recognised swimming strokes. Learning through fun, the children use noodles to balance and race through the water, enjoy raft rides, pick up submersibles from the pool floor, jump in safely, tread water and spin around.

At the end of each session budding little swimmers receive a sticker and at the end of the course are awarded a certificate and cloth badge.

Wetsuits at the ready

Because our swimming lessons may take place in indoor or outdoor pools, depending on your parc, you may find that pool temperatures vary. That’s why we recommend that all little ones wear a wetsuit to the lesson. 

And don’t worry if you don’t have one already, we have some available that you can borrow for kids aged 12-24 months!

Learn to Swim Courier


Learn to Swim sessions are available on 13 parcs from 23rd May onwards.

Grab your place by booking with your Mini Fun Station kids' courier when you're on parc.

Learn To Swim can be found at...

Holiday Parc Country Region/Town
Domaine des Ormes Campsite


La Pointe St-Gilles Campsite


Des Menhirs Campsite


St. Avit Loisirs Campsite


Le Bugue
Les Sablons Campsite


La Chapelle Campsite


La Croix du Vieux Pont Campsite


La Baume Campsite


Le Clarys-Plage Campsite


St Jean-de-Monts
Les Ecureuils Campsite


St Hilaire-de-Riez
Le Château des Marais Campsite


Le Soleil Campsite


Domaine des Naiades


Port Grimaud

Important information

  • All children must be accompanied into the pool by a parent or guardian (you’ll be required to play an active role, too).
  • Your Learn to Swim Kids’ Courier will give you a Registration Form to complete on parc before your first lesson.