Mini Fun Station

6 months to 5 years old

If you’re looking for bundles of fun to keep babies and toddlers entertained on holiday, why not give our Mini Fun Station kids’ clubs a go?

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Mini Fun Station
Mini Fun Station
Mini Fun Station

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Mini Fun Station

Free giggles galore

With a little help from Buddy Bear, our little Eurocampers can enjoy bundles of fun, from co-ordination skills to stories galore!

Our morning sessions are most suited to our littlest buddies who love to explore new things through sensory play. There are so many things to do and loads of fun equipment to play with - from sand and water to a big ball pit. Our Kids’ Couriers are on hand too, with messy art, coordination games, music, songs and stories. At the end and we finish with every little one’s favourite – sticker time!

In the afternoon, we’re all off on an adventure with Buddy Bear! Most suited to our older buddies, our Kids’ Couriers develop sense of imagination through fantasy themes and storytelling. We can be sailing the seven seas with Pirate Buddy, down on the farm, out in space, at a fairy-tale castle – who knows where our journey will take us next! And don’t forget sticker time at the end!

Inside the tent, you’ll find books, board games and puzzles available to borrow from the Mini Fun Station Library. Feel free to take the library items back to your accommodation for the evening, and swap them over the next day.

And outside session times there’s still fun to be had on the outside play equipment.

Here’s a sample of what our little Eurocampers can enjoy each morning

Fun with our kids’ couriers - Messy art and sensory play, coordination games with fun Tumble Tots hand-held equipment.

Loads of equipment - Ball pit, Sand pit, water table, outdoor activity playground, farm and town activity mats, bricks and blocks.

And lots of cuddles with Buddy Bear!

Mini Fun Station
Mini Fun Station

Buddy's Little Pirates

Join me on my pirate adventure across the seven seas!

  • Pirate story time
  • Decorate pirate hats
  • Face painting
  • Little Pirates Treasure Hunt with mum and dad
  • Parachute games on the high seas!
Mini Fun Station

Buddy's Blast Off!

I’m an astronaut and I’m taking you all to the moon in my rocket!

  • Paper plate astronaut masks
  • Footprint rockets
  • Alien face painting
  • Alien egg hunt with mum and dad
  • Parachute games on the moon!
Mini Fun Station

Buddy Bear's Party Time!

Make party hats with mum and dad and play some of my favourite party games!

  • Pass the parcel
  • Musical bumps
  • Musical statues
  • Pin the tail on Buddy
I love to dance – let’s all dance to our favourite songs!

The activities shown above are examples only. Whilst we use the session titles listed, our Kids’ Couriers use their own creativity and imagination to design the timetables and session content on each of our parcs.

Important information

  • Just to be extra safe…and for your little one’s peace of mind…all children must be accompanied by a parent or carer throughout each Mini Fun Station session. We love parents to join in our activities, and we even provide a range of light refreshments just for you!
  • You’re always welcome to join in the fun, both morning and afternoon, just be aware that the activities offered in the sessions are more suitable for a particular age, allowing children to develop their skills accordingly.
  • You’ll find full activity details outside the Mini Fun Station Tent and inside your reception.
  • Our Mini Fun Station Kids’ Couriers are ready and willing to help if you have any questions or would like more information.

Mini Fun Station can be found at...

Holiday Parc Country Region/Town
Domaine des Ormes Campsite


Les Mouettes Campsite


La Pointe St. Gilles Campsite


L'Atlantique Campsite


Les Deux Fontaines Campsite


St. Avit Loisirs Campsite


Le Bugue
Le Vieux Port Campsite


Les Sablons Campsite


La Chapelle Campsite


La Croix du Vieux Pont Campsite


La Baume Campsite


Le Clarys-Plage Campsite


St Jean-de-Monts
Les Ecureuils Campsite


St Hilaire-de-Riez
La Garangeoire Campsite


St Julien-des-Landes
Bel Campsite


La Tranche-sur-Mer
Bella Italia Campsite


El Delfin Verde Campsite


Torroella De Montgri
Le Château des Marais Campsite


La Grande Métairie Campsite


Le Soleil Campsite