Soccer Station

For children aged 5 - 16

If you've got a passion for the footie pitch, why not brush up your scoring skills at Soccer Station? We've teamed up with FA qualified coaches to run training sessions at selected parcs and help you to practice like a pro.

These sessions welcome kids of all abilities to play alongside your new friends and use the world's greatest footballers as role models to practice the skills that are used in every game of football.

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Domaine des Ormes, Brittany, France

St. Avit Loisirs, Dordogne, France

La Croix du Vieux Pont, Paris, France

Footie facts

  1. It's fun for everyone aged 5-16
  2. Available on 3 parcs
  3. Sessions are 2 hours long and run twice a day
  4. Coaches are qualified to FA Level 2 or equivalent


Up to and including 18/7
19/7 to 30/8
Taster Session (per child)£3£6
5 Session pass (per child)£12£23
5 Session Family pass (per child, for 2 or more children)£10£19
7 Session pass (per child)£14£24
7 Session Family pass (per child, for 2 or more children)£13£21

Important information

Because Soccer Station is such a great activity, you might find that availability is limited during peak times. So why not book your session before you go on holiday and you can guarantee your spot? Sessions last 2 hours. You can choose your session days and times once you’re on parc, with a choice between morning or afternoon sessions. Extra sessions can be booked on parc, but are subject to availability. Remember, you won’t find us whizz round the pitch on a Friday.

If you’re only on parc for a few days, we’d suggest you don’t buy more than a 5-session pass – don’t want you wasting any opportunities to score those winning goals, just because we’re fully booked. If you’re opting for a family pass, you’ll have to buy a pass for each of the different kids in your party.

Soccer Station can be found at...

Holiday Parc Country Region/Town
Domaine des Ormes


St. Avit Loisirs


Le Bugue
La Croix du Vieux Pont