Bella Italia Bungalow

The beauty of the bungalow lies in its design, without compromising on comfort

Section 1

Bella Italia Bungalow Exterior
Bella Italia Bungalow Double Bedroom
Bella Italia Bungalow Exterior
Bella Italia Bungalow Kitchen
Bella Italia Bungalow Living Room
Bella Italia Bungalow Bathroom

Section 2

Bella Italia Bungalow Floorplan

Bella Italia Bungalows

The design of our Bungalow accommodation is specific to geographic location, but all come complete with superb features you’d expect such as living area, kitchen area, up to 3 bedrooms and terrace.

NOTE: Dimensions, layout & décor may change from those shown. Duvets are not supplied.

Available at IL019 Bella Italia

Bella Italia Bungalow Features

2 bedrooms

  1. Living room with sofa bed
  2. Fully-equipped kitchen
  3. Fridge
  4. Hob
  5. Bathroom with WC and shower or bath
  6. Air Con
  7. Garden furniture

Linen, Duvet and Towel Hire

Pre-booking your bedding can make a big difference to your holiday! We all know how bulky bedsheets and towels can be - especially duvets! So ordering your bedding and towels won't just make packing a lot easier, your stay with us can be made even more comfortable too.

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