Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, Ardèche and Auvergne

Site code: MC011


  • Balazuc : 19km
  • Avignon : 80km
  • Aubenas : 32km
  • Montelimar : 57km
  • Nimes : 90km
  • Avignon : 80km

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L'Ardechois, Ardeche, pool
L'Ardechois, Ardeche, Safari Tent
L'Ardechois, Ardeche, lake, canoes
L'Ardechois, Ardeche, lake and canoes
L'Ardechois, Ardeche, Safari Tent
L'Ardechois, Ardeche, parc view
L'Ardechois, Ardeche, Restaurant
L'Ardechois, Ardeche, tennis
L'Ardechois, Ardeche, outdoor gym
L'Ardechois, Ardeche, games room

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Days Out

Ardeche river

Canoeing the Ardeche

Canoeing down the river is an absolute must in this region, it's the perfect way to indulge in its breathtaking sights that can’t be accessed by road.

Avan Marzal Caves

Aven d'Orgnac Caves

The marvellous Aven d’Orgnac is a spectacular cave network and is home to the ‘City of Prehistory’. In addition to a walking tour of the amazing natural features there is an offering for the more adventurous; you can hike further than the developed part of the cave and take part in caving exercises, abseiling and climbing the rocks.

La ferme aux crocodiles

La ferme aux crocodiles

In Pierrelatte, about 35 km from the site, you will find an attraction which is unique in Europe. ‘La Ferme aux Crocodiles’ is a huge tropical greenhouse where you can visit more than 350 crocodiles and a magnificent group of giant tortoises. You can get hands on too and pick up some of the baby tortoises.

Pont d'Arc

Pont d'Arc

You are just a short walk from Vallon Pont d’Arc, which is something of a focal point for tourists in this fascinating region. It is a magnificent limestone gorge whose entrance, the Pont d’Arc, is an impressive 80 metres high. The best way to see it is to hire a canoe or take to the river on an organised trip.