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St Amans-des-Cots, Ardeche and Auvergne

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Eurocamp Active - Walking

Self-guided walking parc

This Eurocamp Active parc is a self-guided walking parc. To help you plan your walking holiday in advance, we offer free handy walking extras, and your Holiday Courier on parc will be able to assist you with any queries. You’ll also find useful information about walking in your region in the Eurocamp reception area on parc.

Eurocamp Active - Walking

Walking extras

To help you make the most of your Active Walking parc, we offer these useful extras on all walking parcs:

  • Bespoke Eurocamp Walking booklet with 6 walking routes £5
  • Detailed topographic maps £15
  • Downloadable tracks for your own GPS unit £5
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Overview of our 6 exclusive Eurocamp walking routes

Walking route name
Highest Point
Height Change
Walking Time
The ‘Dog Rock’ circuit5.5 km734 m180 m2.5 hrs (approx.)20 minutes drive from parc
La Capelle and the Lac de Selves8.7 km783 m178 m3 hrs (approx.)10 minutes drive from parc
Lac de Saint Gervais circuit2.9 km727 m24 m1 hr (approx.)25 minutes drive from parc
Aveyron countryside and Château de Bousquet7.4 km963 m102 m3 hrs (approx.)25 minutes drive from parc
Le Fajol and Campouriez circuit8.7 km395 m123 m3 hrs (approx.)20 minutes drive from parc
An Evening stroll3.4 km650 m76 m1.5 hrs (approx.)Direct from parc
Eurocamp Active - Walking
Eurocamp Active - Walking
Graded Walk - Leisurely
Graded Walk - Moderate
Graded Walks - Challenging

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