Les Mouettes Campsite

Carantec, Brittany

Site code: BN015

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  • Nearest Beach: La Grande Grève 1.5km

  • Nearest River: 10km

  • Nearest Town: Carantec 1.5km

  • Nearby Towns:

    • Carantec: 1.5km
    • St Pol de Leon: 10km
    • Morlaix: 14km
    • Roscoff: 17km
    • Brest: 70km
    • St. Malo: 191km

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Days Out

Oceanopolis aquarium


‘Océanopolis’ in Brest will have everyone open mouthed and googly eyed. It is an unforgettable experience of discovering the world’s oceans. There is a large aquarium with over 10,000 animals, a variety of exhibitions, films and shows.

Carantec ferry

Picnicing in Carantec

Carantec is an attractive family resort. For a relaxing afternoon, ‘Claude Goude Park’ is a lovely spot for a picnic. Another perfect spot for a family picnic is the Ile de Batz – it’s a short boat ride and gives a great perspective of the dramatic coastline. The trip takes just over 15 minutes and tickets are available from the pier. 



Morlaix is nestled on the valley floor, swaddled by an estuary, so is unsurprisingly popular. The pretty cobbled streets and waiting to be explored are are lots of other nearby towns.

Chateau Taureau

Château de Taureau

Whilst in staying at Les Mouettes you must take a trip to Château de Taureau which guards the entrance to Morlaix Bay. Boat trips depart from Carantec and usually take 2 hours, which includes one hour to tour the bunkers, passageways, drawbridge and the three floors of the restored fortress. The trips can be booked at the ticket house at Kelenn beach. ‘Château de Kerouzere’ is also very close by and is a fine example of 15th century architecture.