La Pergola Campsite

Lac de Chalain, Jura

Site code: JU011

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  • Nearest Lake: Direct Access

  • Nearest River: L'Ain 5km

  • Nearest Town: Doucier 4km

  • Nearby Towns:

    • Lon Le Saunier: 21km
    • Geneva: 93km

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Section 1

Jura, Arbois town
Jura, Baume Messieurs, walking
Jura, Baume Messieurs, walking
Jura, Champagnole town square
Jura, Chateau d'Arlay wine tasting
Jura, Herisson waterfalls, walking
Jura, Doucier restaurant

Section 2

Days Out


Grotte des Planches

Grotte des Planches is just over 25 km away, which is home to France’s primary active underground river and a number of geological features which puzzle experts. There is also Grottes des Moidons a similar distance away, which are considered to be some of the most beautiful caves in France. 

Chateau d'Arlay

Château d’Arlay

Château d’Arlay is also a lovely sightseeing destination. It is a former convent with fun gardens and unusual birds of prey.

Lons le Saunier


Lons-Le-Saunier is a cultural delight - it is a Roman thermal spa town with a variety of interesting sights and places and lots of outdoor concerts during the summer.

Lac du Chalain

Lac de Chalain

Very close to the site is Lac de Chalain - the largest and most beautiful natural lake in Jura. As well as recreational activities on the lake you can take a look at reconstructions of Neolithic houses that were revealed during a drought.

Pasteur museum

Maison de Louis Pasteur

Visit the Maison de Louis Pasteur and experience the early home of the genius behind vaccination and pasteurization.

Chateau de Chalon

Château Chalon

Château Chalon is very picturesque. It is the home to the remains of a 13th century castle, ancient fortified gateway and 11th century Romanesque church. 


Cascades du Herrisson


Herisson, just over 21 km from the parc also has a beautiful waterfall, in fact it has several, and the best way to take them in is on the hiking trail which takes approximately 3 hours. There is a museum along the trail where you can discover information on the area’s history, landscape and legends.

Baume les Messieurs


Baume-les-Messieurs is the meeting place of three impressive valleys, so it is no wonder it is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in France. In the village the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Peter is the main sight and there is also a magnificent waterfall and collection of caves.

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