L'Etoile d'Argens

St Aygulf, Riviera and Provence

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10 out of 10


Newcastle upon Tyne, England Couple
excellent parc, well kept, friendly staff and reps, easy to get around, would go again
Confirmed guest: 16 May 2015
Published on: 21 May 2015
9 out of 10

Confirmed holidaymaker

Family (with only pre-school children)
We had a lovely holiday and would do another Eurocamp holiday in the future.
Confirmed guest: 20 September 2014
Published on: 26 September 2014
9 out of 10


We had a fantastic holiday. The accommodation was all we needed .. The only issue was we had an ant infestation on the second day which was unpleasant but the euro camp reps sorted it out the next day and the problem didn't re occur. It's a lovely parc very pretty and the staff were so friendly ( the owners and reception staff ) the only issue we had with the parc was that we didn't bring our car and travelled to many places by train ( because of our jobs we get free travel on European trains ) but we spent a fortune on taxi s to frejus/ st Raphael stations ) next time maybe we ll hire bicycles to travel to and from frejus station . Coming back next year !!
Confirmed guest: 21 September 2014
Published on: 25 September 2014
5 out of 10

Confirmed holidaymaker

We rarely recommend anywhere these days. What we want from the camping experience, park, area, etc. may not be what others expect or need. Older people obviously have different requirements from those with young families. What we can put up with is not what others would and what we find unacceptable others may think trivial. Negatives that are ours may not arise or feature in the assessment of others’ and indeed may be considered nit-picking, irrelevant or even unfair. Pleasing all the people all the time is a difficult feature to attach to a holiday, especially an outdoor, camping style holiday. The time you go onsite will alter matters too. All you can do is tell it how it was for you and others can decide if what you are saying will affect their likely pleasure. But what we know and understand for ourselves is that it is the behaviour of your fellow campers that often determines the best or worst part of your holiday. If you hardly hear them then their actions never impact on your stay. If what they are doing around their own accommodation or the pool area is forever in YOUR face too, then that can be a seriously negative aspect just as much as the archetypical ‘Germans nicking all the sunbeds’ thing, gets under people’s skin.
In truth this particular stay had too many negatives attaching to want to make us go back. The parc is French biased in nature and reviews on other websites seem to flag this up where the attitude of the owners came into conflict with independent British customers' expectations.See Tripadvisor for more...
If you go with Eurocamp the company and their couriers can take some of the strain in that respect and you can deal with those couriers and not directly with the site management if and when making a complaint. But don’t for one minute think that the couriers can deal with all issues that arise on your own behalf. Though some of the complaints may be against other Eurocampers, especially noise issues where many Polish customers in larger family groups seem to repeatedly spend all their time out on their decking speaking loudly, drinking and smoking, especially until late at night. When they are in the next accommodation their actions will impact upon you.
The thing is with L’Etoile, all the pitches are mixed up and you’ll be in with not only a few Eurocamp mobiles but the site’s own mobiles and open pitches where people, any nationality, bring their own tents, caravans and campervans. Eurocamp have little or no control on the actions of these people and seven French adults outside on their decking every night hitting the wine boxes, laughing and shouting until very late, were a serious distraction when we were looking for a QUIETER time!
In fact we didn’t complain to our couriers or site owner, we handled the worst of the situation ourselves. The four elderly French people in one of the site’s own mobiles in the van next to our decking turned on their TV/radio at 9am and it was still going late at night more than 12 hours later. Obviously their idea of a good holiday was not to leave the TV behind for a couple of weeks. Well they didn’t have to bring their own, it was already provided. It accompanied their every waking moment. But it became the soundtrack to our holiday too! We neither want nor expect this in an outdoor holiday situation, the tv on loud inside their accom’ with their doors and windows open so they can hear it when they were sitting outside. So could we! We don’t want to hear ANYBODY ELSE'S choice of programme or music anywhere any time. It likely will never be our choice anyway but we wouldn’t play a radio or tv on a camping park any place any time period because we think it inappropriate. Sound travels for a distance on camp sites. Imagine everyone playing a radio at the same time with a different programme on. The noise conflict would be unbearable.
We don’t call attention to ourselves doing this in other people’s faces. We want a predominantly outdoor camping holiday situation to be quiet and relaxing and indeed at L’Etoile we picked their biggest Eurocamp mobile to get to get biggest pitch in the best and hopefully quietest location. But you can’t choose your neighbours and if they are loud enough their actions will impact on your enjoyment.
Anyway after 3 nights of interminable and awful French tv I went to these people and politely told them their appliance was too loud and asked them to at least shut their windows! It improved it a lot but it was still there a week later rumbling obtrusively in the background at all times of day and night.
Interestingly, this has been creeping up now for several years on European campsites and repeatedly in the Eurocamp accommodation we’ve regularly taken in France, Italy and Spain, as the typical customer base has changed somewhat. Especially early and late season when you’d think matters would be a little quieter. We have experienced a change in typical camping habits by people who presumably don’t recognise that consideration for others who are living so close to them is a necessary requirement. Clearly it isn't in everybodies book.
Confirmed guest: 19 September 2014
Published on: 25 September 2014
4 out of 10


rochester Couple
Was OK.
Confirmed guest: 20 September 2014
Published on: 25 September 2014
10 out of 10


Mytchett, Surrey Couple
We spoke to several frequent visitors to the locality, and all regarded this as the best site in the area. We could not disagree; it is very well laid out and maintained, not too big, with friendly and helpful staff, a very nice pool complex and good restaurant and shop. The free boat to the beach by the river mouth is convenient, although that beach is far from being the best, locally, so we only used it once, just for a pleasant boat ride. The main beach, immediately East of St Aygulf itself, is superb, clean (raked every day) and safe for swimming, with parking adjacent.
Confirmed guest: 17 September 2014
Published on: 22 September 2014
3 out of 10


Eastbourne Couple
Site a bit boring but late season to be fair.
Confirmed guest: 11 September 2014
Published on: 21 September 2014

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