Il Collaccio

Castelvecchio di Preci, Tuscany, Central Italy & Elba

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  • Perugia : 95km
  • Assisi : 75km
  • Rome : 166km
  • Norcia : 18km

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Piano Grande fields, Tuscany, Italy
Piano Grande, Tuscany, Italy
Butcher, Norcia, Tuscany, Italy
Norcia market, Tuscany, Italy
Piano Grande, Tuscany, Italy
Preci, Tuscany, Italy

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Days Out

Colosseum Rome


166 km away, but certainly worth the travelling, you will find the ‘Eternal City’ of Rome which is one of the top cities for sightseeing in the whole world.


Fioritura di Castelluccio

Fioritura di Castelluccio

The Fioritura di Castelluccio is an amazing sight - a multicolored carpet of beautiful flowers, which is particularly fabulous between May and July.



The nearby Norcia is a lovely town which sits within the stunning countryside. It is known for its speciality hams made from wild boar, known as Norcineria.


Sibillini National Park

The Sibillini National Park is a great place to explore for a day out. There is a panoramic drive from Monte Monaco, along the crest of the 2175 metre Monti Sibilla. The National Park is now protected because of its host of rare wildflowers and orchids.


Citta della Domenica

At the zoo at Citta della Domenica the animals live in their natural environment. There is a separate reptile house plus many nature trails to allow you to escape.



For a sightseeing adventure take a trip to Spoleto which has a host of fabulous Roman buildings and a magnificent 12th century Duomo. Or visit Assisi, the home of some of the finest churches and religious artefacts in the world.


Cascate delle Marmore

Cascate delle Marmore is 63 km away, and it too has areas of outstanding beauty. It is home to the highest waterfall in Europe which you have to see, as well as the botanical gardens in the Lower Outlook. There are lots of walking routes here and a number of sports are on offer.

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