Baia Domizia

Baia Domizia, Tuscany, Central Italy & Elba

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  • Naples : 65km
  • Gaeta : 32km
  • Formia : 25km
  • Cecina : 64km
  • Pompeii : 98km

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Baia Domizia, Tuscan view
Baia Domizia beach
Baia Domizia sunset
Baia Domizia park
Baia Domizia beach
Baia Domizia beach

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Days Out

Magic World

Magic World

For a fun-filled day out there is a theme park situated under 50 km away. Magic World is made up of a water park with lots of great chutes and pools, and a theme park with lots of rides and roller coasters. Both parks are child friendly but there are lots of things to please thrill-seeking teens.



Step into you gladiator sandals, imagine yourself aboard a chariot and visit Gaeta – a modern day city with a rich Roman history. Its attractions include a huge 6th century Aragonese-Angevine castle and the imposing mausoleum, as well as lots of churches and cathedrals in a beautiful setting.


Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli

This museum has interesting finds from Pompeii and Herculaneum, both doomed cities after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. It also has various exhibitions and many beautiful and magnificent pieces dating back to 200BC.



The beautiful island of Capri should be on your to-do list, if only for the wonderful Grotto Azzurra. You should also see Pompeii, Naples and Vesuvius, and excursions to these must-see destinations are available on parc.