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The beautiful beaches and peaceful countryside of Picardy are steeped in history. Experience something new every day - from the peaceful war memorials to lively Le Touquet.

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Cap Blanc Nez, Picardy
Cap Blanc Nez, Picardy
Aimens, Picardy, Little Venice of the North
Picardy, Somme battlefields

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La Bien Assise

Guines , Picardy

Whether you’re on a short stopover from Calais or planning a longer stay, there’s plenty to explore at La Bien Assise, a peaceful parc that’s set in the the grounds of a French château.

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Domaine de Drancourt

St Valéry , Picardy

Fancy staying in the grounds of a French château? Then why not make the most of a short hop over the Channel and settle into Château de Drancourt, a relaxing parc nestled in the gardens of a château.

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