Camping Holidays in the French Alps

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Tour de France

Tour de France

With gruelling routes covering some of France's most beautifully scenic regions, you'll actually find many of our parcs are ideally placed for you to follow the action! The Grand Départ of 2016 is from the foot of Mont-Saint-Michel with the riders heading to Utah Beach. Day two starts from Saint-Lô, while Stage three starts from the seaside resort of Granville.

Events, Lake Festival, Annecy

Lake Festival, Annecy

There is always an opportunity to party around Lake Annecy and there are a whole host of sporting, cultural, traditional and international events which give the area a lively pulse. One of the main events is the Lake Festival, displaying the biggest firework show in Europe on the first Saturday of August, with music, light and special effects for 70 minutes!