Local Events

Evetns, Festival du Perigord Noir

Festival du Perigord Noir

In summer the Romanesque church of Vézère serves as one of the principle venues for the music events of the Perigord festival.

Events, Fête de la Musique, Sarlat

Fête de la Musique, Sarlat

Twirl your way through the medieval streets of Sarlat on International music day.

Events, Festival Cultures aux Coeurs, Montignac

Festival Cultures aux Coeurs

This vibrant festival brings together people from a range different cultures to showcase their national dances and costumes. Stamp your feet to the Spanish flamenco, dance along to Colombian music and marvel at the colourful costumes.

Events, L’Eté Musical en Bergerac

L’Eté Musical en Bergerac

L’Eté Musical en Bergerac takes place for a month every summer across July and August. It features an eclectic mix of musical acts from around the world performing against a variety of historic backdrops.