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Visiting Sicily

Sicily is easily the bee’s kneesily. This is a wonderful fly-drive destination for the more adventurous Eurocamper. Situated at the end of the ‘boot’ of Italy, the island offers endless Mediterranean sunshine in a dramatic landscape, all within driving distance of both Palermo and Trapani airports.

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Visit Sicily, San Vito lo Capo
Visit Sicily, Cefalu
Visit Sicily, Monreale
Visit Sicily
Sicily, Castellomare del Golfo

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Explore Sicily

Explore Sicily

While the centre of the island features a towering mountain range, elsewhere the island is surprisingly lush, especially around our parc at El Bahira. The northern coast offers diverse attractions, from Palermo with its lively open air markets and fascinating Capuchin Catacombs, to the volcanic Aeolian Islands that lie off the coast. And, surrounded by sea, Sicily is a magnet for those enjoying watery pursuits.

Feel Sicily, Segrstre

Feel Sicily

Where else can you find an island with the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre and aqueduct, as well as the remains of three ancient Greek temples? Yet away from the ruins, Sicily has many villages of outstanding beauty, such as the picturesque Geraci Siculo up in the mountains, and the ancient sea port of Cefalù. The sights are scintillating, the sounds serene and the scents special.

Taste Sicily

Taste Sicily

Traditional Italian cuisine can be found all over the island, but look out for Arancini, which translates as ‘little oranges’. It’s actually balls of rice and peas stuffed with ground ham (and not even a tangerine to be seen). There’s naturally plenty of seafood on the menu and the gigantic tuna and swordfish steaks served with mint and almonds are an epicurean’s delight. Sicilian wines are generally excellent, and you don’t have to be over 40 to enjoy the Marsala fortified wine.

Sicily Top 5 attractions
Aeolian Islands

Aeolian Islands

Lipari is the island with the pumice beach, the only white sand in the archipelago. The exclusive island of Panarea is home to luxury yachts and pretty white houses. There’s plenty more to discover, both above and below the water, in the peace and solitude of the tiny islands too.

Mount Etna

Mount Etna

The largest live volcano in Europe, Mount Etna stands over 3000 metres high. Explore the summit during the day, or take a guided tour after sunset when the lava flows are spectacular. But if that’s too much excitement, take the local FCE train from Via Caronda and journey around the volcano to the coastal town of Riposta.

Nebrodi Adventure Park

Nebrodi Adventure Park

If you need a break from all that culture, there’s family fun and adrenaline adventure at Nebrodi Adventure Park. This challenging treetop adventure is for all ages and set in the largest protected area in Sicily.



A major port since the 7th century, when it was first settled by the Phoenicians, Palermo has a wealth of antiquities to discover. Its mixture of Moorish, Byzantine, Roman and Norman architecture shows history in the making.

Valley of the Temples, Sicily

The Valley of the Temples

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was once a great city, and there are still some well preserved temples to view. And from temples can we tempt you to nearby Agrigento, with its medieval quarter, attractive avenues, stylish shops and cafés.

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