The Italian Lakes

Parcs in Region

Whether you’re boating on them, swimming in them, driving around or simply gazing across them over a mouth-watering plate of pasta, these lakes are truly spectacular.

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Visting The Italian Lakes, Peschiera
Visting The Italian Lakes, Salo
Visting The Italian Lakes, Lake Garda
Visting The Italian Lakes, Malcesine
Visting The Italian Lakes, Malcesine

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Rio Vantone

Lake Idro , Italian Lakes

Mix the peaceful seclusion of the Italian lakes with a dash of exploration and you’ll get Rio Vantone.

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Valle Romantica

Lake Maggiore , Italian Lakes

There’s something special about finding yourself just 2 km away from Lake Maggiore, one of Italy’s most beautiful lakes, and just breathing in all that amazing scenery.

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Bella Italia

Peschiera , Italian Lakes

On the south eastern tip of Lake Garda, at the start of the 'Olive Tree Riviera', lies Bella Italia, a beautiful, sprawling parc packed full of activities, making it the ideal choice for active families.

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Cisano San Vito

Cisano , Italian Lakes

Staying in one beautiful parc on the shore of Italy’s Lake Garda is one thing but Cisano San Vito is two parcs in one.

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Portese , Italian Lakes

Eden is a garden of fun and games for little ones. It’s also a haven of energetic pursuits for water sports enthusiasts. But most importantly, it’s a superb, entertaining, lakeside holiday in the sun for families.

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Manerba , Italian Lakes

Retaining an authentic Italian ambience, Zocco is an attractive, relaxing parc on the peaceful western shore of Lake Garda.

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Altomincio Family Park

Salionze , Italian Lakes

There’s nothing like the sight and sound of your kids screaming with delight as they scoot down a fantastic water slide in an amazing swimming pool. Get ready for this feeling at Altomincio, a high-quality parc for families of all ages.

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Belvedere Village Apartments

Castelnuovo del Garda , Italian Lakes

You can see for miles at Belvedere Village Apartments - which is good to know, when the view, over to the foothills of the Italian Alps, is such a showstopper.

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La Rocca

Manerba Del Garda , Italian Lakes

Imagine stepping out of your tent, feeling the grass between your toes and taking a short stroll to view your slice of beautiful Lake Garda in Italy.

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Camping Del Garda

Peschiera , Italian Lakes

Are you after a child-friendly, fun holiday parc, near to Italy’s beautiful Lake Garda, but you don’t want to have to walk or drive miles to the local town? No problem.

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San Felice del Benaco , Italian Lakes

Step onto this hilltop parc and you’ll find yourself surrounded by ancient olive groves, not to mention the spectacular views of Lake Garda below, too. We reckon the best way to enjoy these stunning sights is over a relaxing drink at the bar and restaurant...

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Peschiera , Italian Lakes

No wonder this immaculate little parc on the edge of Lake Garda, is called Butterfly. It’s a place where great ideas for fun are transformed into a compact, family-friendly holiday destination.

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