Fuerteventura at a Glance

Visiting Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands and enjoys a widely varied landscape – from white sandy shores to black beaches, extinct volcanoes to rolling dunes and oceans teeming with wildlife. Get revved up and explore on a 4x4, or relax into a laidback Spanish pace and stroll through Corralejo’s protected National Park.

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Fuerteventura, Corralejo
Fuerteventura, Corralejo beach

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feel Fuerteventura

Feel Fuerteventura

Known as ‘the windy island’, you will certainly feel the wind in your sails here. Fuerteventura is the ultimate place to try out windsurfing across the turquoise ocean, or maybe you’ll simply wave from the comfort of the island’s white sandy shores. 

Taste Fuerteventura

Taste Fuerteventura

An island with an Atlantic coastline this epic means one thing... seafood! And what a delight it is. For the perfect flakes of fish and seafood head to the humble town of Gran Tarajal and coastal villages where you’ll find dishes as fresh as they get. Or if you’re just after a quick snack with your ice-cold beverage then there are tons of tapas bars around the island. And don’t leave until you have tried the island’s famous goat’s cheese.


Explore Fuerteventura

Even before the sun rises over Fuerteventura the coast is alive with fishermen, and when the sun gets his hat on the waters swarm with people riding the waves on surfboards, jet skis and sail boats. Drift back to dry land and you’ll discover 340 km of stunning beaches to bury your toes in. Sunset is your time to take in the island’s warm pinky tones from one of the restaurants lining the shore or bustling bars that call your name.

Loire Top 5 Attractions
Fuerteventura top 5, Isla de Lobos

Isla de Lobos

A short boat ride from Corralejo at the north of the island, you’ll find this Atlantic island sanctuary:  beautiful beaches, amazing views and unique wildlife.

Fuerteventura top 5, Oasis Park Zoo

Oasis Park Zoo

Ever wanted to swim with sea lions, come face-to-face with lemurs or scale a mountain on a camel? Oasis Park Zoo offers lots of fabulous experiences to get up close with your furry friends.

Fuerteventura top 5, watersports


The island is known as the ‘Hawaii of the Atlantic’ and is packed with hotspots for windsurfing, including the windy shores of El Cotillo and Corralejo. Head to Flag Beach at Grandes Playas to get kitted out with everything you need.

Fuerteventura top 5, Cofete beach

Cofete Beach

Feeling the sand between your toes is amazing... but it’s unforgettable when there’s turtle walking alongside you. Several times a year sea turtles are released onto Cofete beach, offering visitors a remarkable experience with nature. Visit them in their nursery at Morro Jable Wharf.

Fuerteventura top 5, dolphin safari

Dolphin Safari

Corralejo is the perfect place for a dolphin safari. Bob up and down on the twinkling water as the fascinating creatures pop up and say hello.