Meet our Walking Experts

It’s always good to put a face to a name, and we would like to introduce you to a few of the friendly faces you may see on parc.

Each of our knowledgeable and expert Walk Organisers can be found on a selection of parcs and lead our free guided walking tours. It’s their job to introduce you to other fellow walkers, take you on some of the best walks in your region, and make sure you don’t miss any of the hidden gems found in your area.

Learn more about some of our Walk Organisers you’ll find on-parc and our walking expert Alison Mellor below, who all look forward to seeing you on parc.

Here's a few friendly faces you may see on parc

Eurocamp Active - Walking

Alison Mellor, our walking expert and On-parc Walk Organiser

Hello, my name is Alison Mellor, and I have been spending the summer putting together a selection of easy, intermediate and challenging great walks for you for 11 Eurocamp parcs throughout France and Switzerland.

I am 58 and have 4 children and 2 step children. We used to spend literally every summer in France “Euro-camping”. Now all my kids love the outdoors and we even had a family re-union in Annecy, with my daughter and family from Australia and my son from the US! After that we walked the famous Tour de Mont Blanc, a 12 day hiking trail around Chamonix.

My passion for walking started at a young age in Sussex and Surrey, and later moving to the Lake and Peak Districts where there were more mountains and peaks to climb! Over the years I have walked just about all of the long distance footpaths in the UK. I now live in Wales, and have walked and travelled around the world since leaving my 'proper' jobs and Chartered Surveying in 2008.

I have previously worked as a Farm and Countryside Advisor for the National Trust in Wales, I’ve managed a Roman gold mine, I’ve advised the Wales Assembly Government on agricultural and environmental policy (Senior Executive Officer) and I’ve also spent a year with the local Archaeological Trust.

I trained in Mountain Leading with Plas y Brenin in North Wales, and hold Bronze and Silver National Navigation Awards (NNAS). Having spent a lifetime walking, I set up my own company and lead walks and tours for all ages, mainly in Europe.

I hope your holidays inspire you to enjoy the great outdoors and experience the amazing and diverse wildlife and countryside all around the campsites!

Eurocamp Active - Walking. Meet the Experts

Andy Bunten, On-parc Walk Organiser

For as long as I can remember wildlife has been a central part of my life. As I child I crept around the garden or waded around the village pond collecting various mini-beasts to put in a glass tank for further study. Only a few managed to make a break for freedom into the open spaces of my bedroom!

This enthusiasm lead to studying zoology at two universities and then working for various wildlife organisations, including 26 years as Regional Director for the RSPB.

Throughout all this time I’ve taken huge delight in leading trips around the world.

Helping people to see and experience wildlife is a real joy. I’ve been fortunate to visit some amazing places: - the Seychelles, the Far East, Africa, the Arctic and various parts of the Americas but European travel remains my key passion.

There’s nothing quite like waking up to the fluting calls of golden orioles or collecting campsite bread to the accompaniment of chirruping grasshoppers and sunbathing butterflies.

Walks around Eurocamp sites are always a delight. From streamside strolls with fluttering damselflies, blue flashes of kingfishers and bobbing dippers through to dramatic marches along gorge edges with massive soaring vultures, screaming swifts and exotic orchid meadows. Chatting and swapping stories with other campers as we walk along, or perhaps stop for a picnic lunch, is the most wonderful way I can imagine to spend time in area of magnificent local countryside. Wildlife is wonderful!

Eurocamp Active - Walking. Meet the Experts

Ian Barthorpe, On-parc Walk Organiser

I’ve been a Eurocamp Wildlife/Walk Organiser since 1999, during which time I’ve lead walks in Brittany (Perros-Guirec), Switzerland (Interlaken), the Cevennes (Cantobre) and the French Alps (Annecy).

I really enjoy leading the walks and introducing Eurocamp customers to the stunning scenery and wildlife in these areas. On the guided walks I lead you’ll find plenty of opportunities to stop and identify some of the incredible flowers, butterflies or birds found in these areas.

I have worked for the RSPB since 1998 and have a keen interest in wildlife, which I’m keen to share with others.

Eurocamp Active - Walking. Meet the Experts

Keith Buchanan, On-parc Walk Organiser

Keith Buchanan is an environmental consultant with more than 25 years experience of working on biodiversity and landscape issues both in the UK and internationally. Until August 2008 Keith was designing and leading a major project in England to understand the impact of climate change on wildlife and landscapes. Prior to that he was a Programme Director within the Countryside Agency, and responsible for that Agency’s work in relation to National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, climate change and land management. Since 2008 he has been freelance, and has led wildlife watching groups to many parts of Europe, and beyond.

Keith has led walking/wildlife trips for Eurocamp at Perros in Brittany, Lac de Chalain, Annecy, Switzerland and, particularly, at Val de Cantobre in the Cevennes. The latter is his favourite due to the wealth of wonderful wildlife found there.