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Who is Eurocamp? | Reveal all answers

Who is Eurocamp and where can we go?

Eurocamp is the market leader in self-drive self-catering camping holidays on camping sites across Europe. We offer tents, mobile homes, lodges and bungalow accommodation, as well as apartments on our Lake Garda Belvedere apartment resort. We have over 180 parcs for you to choose from, from coastal to inland and city to countryside locations, for couples and families alike. You can choose to travel to all of the following countries: France (including Corsica), Spain, Italy (including Sardinia, Elba and Sicily), Portugal, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Croatia.

Do you have set arrival days?

Our camping holidays are flexible and therefore you can arrive and leave on any day you wish (subject to availability). You can stay for 3 nights, or if you prefer, 28 nights. If you want to stay even longer, this too is possible, however you will need to call for our 29+ nights prices. Our parcs book up quickly, so we recommend you book early to avoid disappointment, and you can do this online or over the telephone. 1 and 2 night stays are also bookable through Eurocamp, subject to availability.

Can we visit more than one parc in one holiday?

Yes, you can. You are free to stay at as many parcs as you wish (subject to availability) as long as you spend 3 consecutive nights at one of them. This is an ideal opportunity to take in as many famous attractions and monuments as you can.

What time of year is best to travel?

This depends on what you want from your holiday. If you are looking for a holiday when the weather’s at its hottest, then July and August tend to be the best months, however if you’re looking for nice weather but at a somewhat more comfortable temperature, you may prefer to travel outside of peak season, for example May, June or September. If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing break, you may be better off avoiding the school holiday months (end of May, July and August). If you’re looking for a fun-filled holiday with plenty of activities to choose from, the high season months will guarantee something for everyone.

Can we bring our dog along?

Many campsites now accept dogs, so you no longer have to leave your beloved pet behind (see individual parc pages for details). There are strict guidelines you must follow however, should you decide to take your dog abroad. There are also restrictions on the accommodation types you can stay in when travelling with your pet and your dog must be kept on a lead at all times when on site. Please see our dogs section for more information. Please note that bookings with dogs cannot be made online. Please contact our reservations staff by telephone and they will be happy to help.

I would like to work for Eurocamp - how do I apply?
For jobs with Eurocamp, please click to

Travel Queries | Reveal all answers

How do we get there?
You have several options when booking with Eurocamp. We have contracts with various ferry operators and have negotiated excellent travel rates for our customers. If you wish to take a ferry you can choose from the short Dover to Calais crossing to the relaxing 10-hour overnight crossing from Portsmouth to St Malo. If you don’t like being on a boat however, you could use the Eurotunnel, which takes just 35 minutes to get you from England to France. Alternatively we can book flights for you, with the option of hiring a car for the duration of your stay, or you could take the Eurostar into France as foot passengers, with the option of maybe then taking the TGV down to the south, or you could book your own flights with the option of hiring a car for the duration of your stay. Please click here to view travel options in full.
Can we mix our travel routes?

This is possible, although there are some restrictions written into our contracts when it comes to mixing travel operators. We are only able to book return journeys with P&O Ferries and Eurotunnel, and cannot be mixed with any other operator. If you travel with Brittany Ferries however, you can book any route offered by them, and you are also able to mix these routes with those served by Condor Ferries. If we book your flights for you, we will book return journeys only, and will book both directions with the same airline. Please note that once flights are confirmed, they cannot be refunded, and any amendments will be payable. If you would like more information on mixing routes and travel operators, please speak to our reservation staff about this when booking.

Do you book one-way journeys?

We are unable to book one-way channel crossings. The contracts we have with the ferry companies and Eurotunnel means that we can only book return journeys, with vehicles. We will also only book return flights.

Do we have to make our travel arrangements through Eurocamp?

It is not a condition of booking to make your travel arrangements through us. If you wish to make your own arrangements we can make an accommodation only booking for you. In these instances we would need for you to let us know your estimated time of arrival at site, so that our couriers know when to expect you. You can advise us of this over the phone or by email, or you can add it to your booking yourself via My Eurocamp.

Can I travel if I'm pregnant?

If you are pregnant at time of travel it's imperative to check there are no restrictions with your choice of carrier. Most ferry operators allow carriage up to 32 weeks, however some routes will require a doctor's certificate. Most airlines will usually advise against flying after 28 weeks, although some will allow carriage beyond this point up to as late as 36 weeks, as long as a GP's certificate has been issued. Please check when booking.

Do we need to tell you if we are going to take/remove a roof box or bicycles?

If we are booking your crossing for you, yes please. We need to book the correct space on the boat, so please advise at time of booking if you will have a roof box, roof rack, bicycles (and if they’re rear or roof-mounted), trailer, canoe, surf board, wind surfer, or if you are removing any of the above. There is usually a charge for carrying extras like these, and space is limited so please don’t leave it too late. If you do not advise us before you travel you risk incurring extra charges at the port, or even being refused carriage.

What happens if our ferry gets cancelled?

On occasion, if faced with adverse weather or if there is an issue with the vessel for example, ferry routes may be cancelled. This is regrettably beyond our control. If you happen to be affected by any ferry cancellations we will notify you at the earliest possible time, and offer you any alternative routes. If, in the event of a cancellation, the ferry company involved puts a procedure in place, we will advise you of this, and recommend you follow this procedure in the first instance. If you choose not to follow procedure, please be aware there may be costs involved to find an alternative.

Do you need our new car details?

You do not need to advise us if you are taking a different car on the crossing, unless it’s a different size to the one on your booking, or if you have taken out the Eurocamp breakdown insurance.

Can we take 2 cars with us?

If you wish to take 2 cars with you and would like for us to make the travel arrangements, this is not a problem. There will be additional travel supplements levied by the operator which will be added to your final balance.

Can we go on motorbikes?

Yes you can, in fact you can book any type of vehicle type onto the channel crossings. Please select from the drop-down box during the online process and your crossing will be priced accordingly. If you are going to be in a minibus with more than 9 seats however, this cannot be booked online, you will need to contact our reservations team who will be happy to help.

Can we book overnight stops?

Yes – you can book any campsite stops online, after selecting your main stay. If you’d rather stay in a hotel we can offer this as an option too, however the hotel stops have to be requested so cannot be booked online. Please call if you wish to add a hotel stop to your booking.

How do we cut down on the driving when abroad?

You can reduce the amount of driving abroad by carefully selecting your ferry crossing. You do have several options to consider when booking with Eurocamp – you are not confined to sailing to France. You are also able to sail to Belgium, Holland and even Spain. There is also, of course, the option to fly to your chosen destination and use public transport to get around when you’re there. We could even book your own private transfer to the campsite from the airport before you travel. Please check when booking to see if your site is close to a bus or train station.

Do you provide directions to our parc?
You will have a pre-departure booklet uploaded to your holiday file about 3-4 weeks before departure, which will give you local directions to the campsite gates. It will also have the parc’s contact details and address, as well GPS co-ordinates for your sat nav (can also be found under the travel section of the parc page). You can also plan your own route from your home address/ferry port or airport using our online route planner.
Can you book a taxi from the airport?
Yes, we can. We have a supplier through whom we can book your airport transfers. The service will be added to your holiday cost so there will be nothing to pay when you’re there. All we need in order to book is the number of passengers in your party and your flight and parc details, and you are able to book this over the phone or through the website - find out more about transfers here.
When do I need to arrive for check in?

This depends on your method of travel. If you are taking the ferry you need to be at the port an hour before the sailing, for Eurotunnel you need to be there 30 minutes before the crossing, and for flights you need to arrive for check in 2 hours before the departure time. If you have booked flights and have checked in online, please check with the airline to see when you need to be at the airport. Finally, for Eurostar bookings, you need to arrive for check in 30 minutes before departure.

Who do we cross with if we bring the dog?
If you are bringing your dog with you, you can cross with Eurotunnel and most ferry operators. For more information please click here.
Can we bring different passengers back home with us?

Our contracts with the ferry companies stipulate that the same passengers must travel in both directions, therefore if you will be bringing additional passengers back with you, you will need to book a separate foot passenger ticket for them direct with the ferry company. If you are travelling on the Eurotunnel however, you can bring back different passengers to those that went out, as long as all passengers have their own seat and seatbelt.

Can we bring one of our children’s friends?

Yes, this is not a problem, however we do recommend that you take with you a letter from the friend’s parents confirming that you have their permission to take their child abroad with you.

Booking & Pricing | Reveal all answers

How do you price your holidays?

The holiday cost is worked out at a nightly rate, varying according to your party's choice of accommodation and dates of travel. Accommodation extras such as decking and air-conditioning will carry additional supplements per night, also varying according to your dates of travel. Any discounts applicable will then be taken from this total cost. Other extras, from bed linen to ferry crossings to hotel stop-overs are all added on as separate extra costs. You will be able to accurately price almost every aspect of your holiday in our online booking process*. *Excluding some travel operators, hotels, flights and car hire.

How do we book our holiday?

You can book your holiday online or over the phone. The website is constantly being updated so you will be able to see all availability. When making a booking, where possible please have all of the following information to hand: Full names of all passengers; all contact details for the lead passenger; parc codes and dates including overnight stops; accommodation type; travel route and vehicle details, including bikes or roof box (if applicable) and if booking over the phone, passport details if you are booking flights and lead driver (and flight) details to book car hire.

What is the deposit and how do we pay?
At the time of booking we will need to take a non-refundable deposit of £99 to confirm your holiday, unless you are travelling within 12 weeks and then we will need to take the full holiday cost. A deposit of £30 will also be required if you wish to book a hire car. Other payments we may need to take include flights (full payment) if you choose to book them through Eurocamp, as well as insurance at the same time if you opt for Eurocamp cover. This is to ensure your flights are covered for cancellation. There may also be deposits required for some ferry crossings (e.g. ferries to the Med Islands). We accept credit or debit card payments (excluding American Express), however please note that any credit card payment will carry a 2% handling fee. We can also accept payment by banker’s draft. The final balance will be due 12 weeks before your departure date, however you will be able to make any additional part payments towards your final balance as and when you wish by visiting My Eurocamp or by calling the customer services team.
Can we choose a specific spot on site?
You have the option to select accommodation located in particular 'favourite locations' on a selection of parcs.
Can we make group bookings?

Yes, however you are unable to do this online. You can find out more information on our groups pages or by calling our dedicated groups team Monday to Friday 9am-5pm on 01606 787628, who will be happy to help you.

What is the minimum age to book with Eurocamp?

We can only accept bookings from customers age 18 and above.

Why is Equipment Damage Waiver insurance on our booking?

This optional £15 insurance covers you from any minor damage/breakages to the accommodation unit and its contents during your stay. If you wish to remove this option from your booking, you will be obliged to leave £100 deposit with your courier on arrival. This deposit will be returned to you in full providing everything is in tact at the end of your stay.

Will we be able to hire a wheelchair on holiday?

If you would like to hire a wheelchair when on holiday you will need to contact our customer service team. We will need to take specific information about the wheelchair user - their name, age, height, weight, build and any special requirements. We will contact the pharmacy local to your parc, who will charge approximately €20 per week (this can vary) and will be payable when you are there. Please try to arrange this as early as possible, as if left to within 10 days of departure we may not be able to make the arrangements for you. Please note that the wheelchair-friendly accommodation we offer is the Classic Tent and the Safari Tent and the wheelchair-adapted Classic mobile home (not available across all parcs).

How do we cancel our holiday?

If you need to cancel your holiday, please write to us, either through the post or by email. We will not accept cancellations by telephone. The letter/email must come from the party leader. Please see the contact us page for our contact details.

Will we lose our deposit if we cancel the holiday?

Yes, please refer to the Booking Conditions for full details.

Before Departure | Reveal all answers

What do you send before we go and when will we receive it?

Current trends show that most of our customer prefer digital communications and to manage their holiday information online. From now on we will be delivering all of your holiday tickets digitally and you will need to print or download these from 'My Eurocamp' before you depart. Use your booking reference and lead surname to access documents.

We'll also supply you with a personalised holiday guide, packed with essential parc, local area and regional information to help you really make the most of your trip. Download this as a PDF to your smartphone or device and get ideas for days out, places to eat and lots more whilst you're on holiday! Your guide will be available on 'My Eurocamp' 4 weeks before you depart.

Do we need a passport to travel to Europe?

You will require a full 10-year passport to travel abroad which needs to be valid for your holiday duration plus 6 months. You can obtain an application form from the Post Office, the Passport Office or from the Garda (Eire only), who must witness the application. It is no longer possible to include or add children to a British or Irish passport. All children (including babies) who are not already included on a valid 10 year passport will need to hold their own passport if they are to travel abroad. Children who are already included on an existing passport may continue to travel with the passport holder until the child reaches the age of 16 when the passport on which the child is included expires, or the passport on which the child is included is submitted for amendment. However, if you are the holder of a joint passport (with your spouse), which is still valid, please note your spouse cannot use the passport to travel without you. Holders of non-EEC passports require a visa for France. Visas can take up to 6 weeks to obtain from the French Consulate.

What do we need to know about driving our car abroad?
When taking your car to the continent, you must advise your insurance company so that they can ensure you have adequate cover whilst abroad. They may issue you with a green card to take with you. You may also consider extending any breakdown insurance to cover you on your holiday too. This is something you can take through Eurocamp; please see the insurance pages for details. Furthermore there will be some items you must keep in your vehicle when driving in some countries, for example a reflective vest, spare bulbs and warning triangle. What's more, from July 2013, it became compulsory in France to carry an unused self breathalyser test kit, marked with the French ‘NF’ certification standard. More information can be found in your European guide closer to your departure date, or you can find useful driving hints and tips at
How do we amend our booking?

If you need to make any changes to any of your booking details, you will need to call our customer service team who will be happy to help. All amendments will be subject to availability and booking conditions. Please be aware that most amendments carry an amendment fee. Within 12+ weeks of departure, all amendments will be subject to a £30 amendment fee plus any additional cost arising from the amendment you wish to make including costs of alternate accommodation, extra party members or additional services. A change made within 12 weeks of departure, where you alter the holiday dates, shorten the holiday duration or cancel any hotel bookings, may incur cancellation charges of between 50% - 90% of your total holiday cost. A change of date by more than 2 weeks will be treated as a cancellation of the original holiday (100% cancellation charge). If you amend or cancel your travel arrangements, you must pay for any extra charges or cancellation fees levied by operators. If you have a confirmed booking and wish to add extras such as bed linen, Action Station tickets or your estimated time of arrival on site, you can also do this via My Eurocamp.

Can I use Euros in Switzerland?

The Swiss franc remains to be Switzerland's national currency, although Euros are widely accepted in shops and restaurants. Please note however, if you do make a purchase with Euros, any change will be given in Swiss francs.

What to Take | Reveal all answers

What shall we pack?

Please see the destination pages for a rough idea of temperature and daily hours of sunshine, and pack accordingly. We recommend you take lightweight clothing and comfortable footwear for the daytime, and warmer clothing for the evenings as the temperature can drop. If you are travelling outside of high season, make sure you have warm bedclothes to sleep in. Don’t forget your swimwear, ensuring you have the appropriate attire meeting the campsite’s regulations. Also your sun cream and after-sun cream, any medication such as hay fever tablets and mosquito repellent. If you are flying to your destination or are arriving on a Sunday or bank holiday, you may want to consider ordering a Welcome Pack (Prices start from £3 – not available at Cambrils Park, Costa Dorada or Swiss parcs) for your arrival (contents may vary and must be ordered no later than 4 weeks prior to departure). Alternatively if you are taking the ferry and will arrive when shops are closed, you may want to take a few basic items with you for the evening and following morning.

Will we need to bring our own bed sheets and towels?

Pillows and blankets are provided as standard in all of our accommodation types, however bed sheets and pillowcases are not. You can hire bed linen from Eurocamp as well as beach towels. We also offer duvet linen hire (packs containing double or single sized duvets, sheets, pillowcases and towels) available for all mobile homes in Holland, Paris, Loire, Picardy, Normandy and the Riviera. To guarantee availability, you will need to book your linen no later than one week before departure. Please see the extras page for more information.

If you are staying in Aspect accommodation, all bedding is provided, and bed linen is provided as standard in the bungalow accommodation at Cambrils Park, Costa Dorada (CD012), this does not include cot linen, which is not provided or available to hire.

What shall we pack for baby?
We recommend you pack food and milk that your baby is used to, as you may not be able to find it on holiday. To save on packing you can pre-book cots, high chairs, potties and baby baths – all of which are free on our Little Eurocamper Paradise parcs. Please add these at time of booking to guarantee availability, no later than 4 weeks before departure.

When on Parc | Reveal all answers

How do we check in?

When you arrive at the campsite, make your way to the Eurocamp reception, which will be signposted and situated close to the main reception. Your Eurocamp courier will check you in and show you to your accommodation. If you arrive before 3pm when the couriers are off cleaning any recently vacated accommodation, make your way to main reception and let them know you’ve arrived. They will advise you to use the parc facilities while you wait for your courier to return.

What happens if we arrive late?

Please aim to arrive on site before 8pm. If you think you will arrive late, please advise us of your estimated time of arrival before you travel, either by calling our customer services team or by adding it to your booking via My Eurocamp. All known late arrivals will have their accommodation details left at the Eurocamp reception and you will be met by the couriers the following morning. Please note that some parcs will lower their barriers for siesta, and all will be closed during the night, so if you arrive at these times you may have to enter the parc on foot.

Are there any on-parc regulations?

There are a few basic rules that most parcs expect all guests to follow. Most parcs have a rule of silence in place after 10pm, and forbid vehicles to be driven through the parc at this time. Children should always be supervised in the wash blocks. At the pool, there may be restrictions to the type of swimwear permitted – some parcs have banned bermuda shorts (please check when booking). Please see the poolside for any other regulations.

Are the swimming pools supervised?

Not all parcs have lifeguards or pool attendants on duty, and those that do may only be on parc in July and August or for a limited time during the day, please check when booking. We strongly advise that you supervise your children at all times when they are using swimming pools and water chutes, and that the conditions of use and age/height restrictions are adhered to.

When do parc facilities close?

All parc activities will be available throughout the peak season, however some will be unavailable outside of peak season dates. There may also be on-parc shops, bars or restaurants that may be closed in low season, this varies at each site. Please check the parc pages for more information, or call our customer services team if there’s a specific activity that is key to your holiday before booking.

When do Eurocamp facilities close?

Please check the parc pages online or in the brochure. Toddlers' clubs and children’s clubs operate between different date bands on different parcs. Other facilities like the games chest and walking notes for example are available throughout the season.

Will we have to pay to use any of the facilities?

You may be asked for a deposit to use certain facilities on parc, and dependant on the parc, you may be asked to purchase a wristband for your duration as a guest, or a barrier pass to allow you on and off the parc with your vehicle. There will also be some parc-run activities that are payable (non-refundable). Please check when booking.

What do we need to pay if we declined the equipment damage waiver insurance?

If you decide not to take out the £15 equipment damage waiver insurance before you travel, your courier will need to take a deposit of £100 from you, to cover any accidental damage or breakage to the unit and its contents. Providing everything is in tact before you leave, you will get this deposit back in full.

Do we need to book barbeques?

No - if the parc you book permits them, you will have either a gas or charcoal barbeque automatically provided with your accommodation free of charge. Some parcs may forbid the use of barbeques because of fire risk, and others may have a communal barbeque in a designated area on site. Please check the parc pages when booking. Charcoal is not provided.

What do the couriers do on site?

The Eurocamp couriers are there to assist you in every way they can; they are your on-site representatives. They are there to prepare your accommodation for your arrival, offer any advice or recommendations about on-parc and off-parc facilities and deal with any queries you may have. In other words, to make your holiday as easy and enjoyable as possible!

Will we need to leave our passports at reception?

Some parcs require guests to hand in their passports when they arrive at the site and return it at the end of the stay. Please be prepared to do this.

Will there be a safety deposit box?

Please check when booking to see if your choice of parc has a safety deposit box. Parcs that do offer the use of one will usually be at the main reception, often for a small daily charge.

What types of cards can we use for payments on site?

This will vary at each site so please check the parc pages.

Will there be a cash machine on site?

Most parcs will either have a cash machine on site or will be located close to a cash point off-site. Please check when booking.

Will there be wifi on site?

This varies at each site. Please check the parc pages. Most parcs will offer internet access for their guests (sometimes payable).

Can we have 2 cars on our pitch?

No. If you are travelling in 2 cars you can usually park one on your pitch but the other must be left on the car park. Campsite management may charge for a second vehicle so please check when booking.

Children's Clubs | Reveal all answers

Can our child attend a club for a different age group?

If your child would prefer to attend the same club as their brother or sister, is older than but close to that particular age group, and if there is availability and the activities are suitable then this may be possible (it is not possible to go up an age group). Please check with the courier on the day, and please note that children of the correct age group will take precedent.

Can we pre-book the children’s clubs?

No. Eurocamp-run children’s clubs operate on a first come, first served basis and are not pre-bookable. Please check with your courier for club times.

What time do the children’s clubs start and what are the activities?

This information will be found at the Eurocamp Reception and the Children’s Clubs tents on parc, please check when on site or ask your courier for advice. Usually there will be activities twice daily (except Tuesdays); one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and sessions run for approximately 2½ hours. Activities vary for each age group; please check the children’s clubs pages for more information.

Can our child stay longer at the children’s club?

No - all children must be collected at the end of the session; it is not possible to arrange for them to stay longer. Children are signed in and out of the clubs, and for this a responsible adult must be present. Children aged 10 and above are able to sign themselves in and out of the clubs provided this has been pre-agreed between the courier and parent.

Can our child take part in the parc-run children’s club?

Yes. As long as you are a guest staying on the campsite your child is welcome to attend the site-run clubs. Activities are similar to those in the Eurocamp-run clubs.

Do the children’s couriers offer a babysitting service?

Some children’s couriers on selected sites may offer this, however it is not a service they are obliged to offer. If the couriers do offer this service there will be an hourly rate payable direct to the courier. Please check when on site.

Do you have a parents' guide to the children's clubs?
Our Guide for Parents can be found on our Kids' Clubs overview.

Accommodation Queries | Reveal all answers

How do we choose the best accommodation type for us?

We have something for everyone, from the budget-conscious to the top of the range, and from the camping enthusiasts to the home-comfort seekers. Our range starts with the Classic Tent and the Safari Tent, then on to holiday homes – Classic, Esprit, Espace, Vista, Avant and Aspect. We also offer Bungalows, Mountain Lodges and tree houses. Some mobile homes come with decking or air conditioning, please check when booking. Please note that some parcs have a restriction on the number of people per pitch – check when booking. There may be occasions when you book accommodation that could sleep 8 people, but parc restrictions only allow 6. Please take this into consideration when booking by checking the parc pages, if you plan to add people to your party after confirming your reservation.

If your parc accepts pets and you would like to take your dog, please check the Important Information tab on the parc pages to see which accommodation types you can book.

What is provided with the accommodation?
We’ve thought of pretty much everything! Please see the accommodation pages for specific features such as microwaves and cd players or iPod docks, but every accommodation type includes a comprehensive inventory of basic household items. See the mobile home inventory and tent inventory pages for full details.
Which accommodation has room for a cot in the bedroom?

Travel cot measurements are 101cm x 71cm and they will fit in at least one of the bedrooms of your mobile home:
Master bedroom in the Aspect, 2nd bedroom in all mobile homes, 3rd bedroom in the Esprit (1 bath and 2 bath), Espace (1 bath and 2 bath Loft) and Vista (1 bath and 2 bath). Please order no later than one week before departure to guarantee availability.

How big is the decking?

The decking on the mobile homes is usually large enough for you and your family to sit around your patio table. Please note that decking size can vary according to pitch size, shape and location of existing trees! There may also be occasions when patio doors do not open onto the decking, plus the addition of decking may also mean that there is not enough room to park your car on your pitch. Regrettably we are unable to confirm this before you travel. 

*Please note that at parc La Baume, Riviera, the decked areas are low level and are of different appearance to that shown in the brochure and on the website.

Where is the a/c unit/heater located in the mobile homes?

The air conditioning unit is wall-mounted in the living area, and the heater is also in the living area. All rooms in the accommodation can benefit from the air con/heater if the doors are left ajar. In mobile homes that do not come with air conditioning, a fan will be provided instead.

Can I use my hair dryer in the accommodation?

In our Classic Tents the spare electrical socket is only suitable for low power items such as phone chargers – never for heat-generating equipment. Some parcs have a low electricity supply which means that you may not be able to use your hair dryer in your mobile home – please check when on site. Don’t forget your adaptor in case the accommodation only has European sockets.

Can we have visitors in our accommodation for a few nights?

If you have friends or family that would like to join you for a few nights, this is possible as long as parc rules are adhered to, and as long as there is room in your accommodation. We must be notified before you travel, and there may be costs payable for any adults aged 18 and above, regardless of their relationship with you. Costs will vary according to time of year. Please note that some parcs may restrict the number of people per pitch, despite the size of the accommodation unit, so please check when booking.

Can we put a tent up on our pitch?

If you are pitching your pre-booked Play Tent then yes, this is fine to do so. However this is not for sleeping in. If you require more living space you will need to book separate accommodation, you are unable to pitch a camping tent next to your accommodation.

Do we need to clean our accommodation at the end of our stay?

We clean accommodation after every single stay, so that when you arrive all you have to do is settle in and make yourself at home. To assist with this, we kindly request that accommodation is left as clean and tidy as you found it.

Going Home/Post Holiday Help | Reveal all answers

What happens when I go home?

Your accommodation is yours until 10am on the morning of your departure date. Please try to leave the accommodation in a reasonable state and advise your courier if anything needs replacing for the next guests, and make sure you've not forgotten any of your belongings! If you need to leave the site early in order to get to the airport or ferry port on time, please check with the courier what time the barrier opens in the morning. If you need to leave before the barrier opens you may need to leave your car outside overnight, and in the morning when you leave, leave your accommodation key in the accommodation unit. If you don't have to leave until later on in the afternoon, you are welcome to continue to use the site facilities, however your accommodation still needs to be vacated by 10am, and you will be responsible for looking after your belongings.

When can I retrieve my belongings from the courier/reception?

If you choose to use the site's safety deposit box you can reclaim your belongings when you wish. If you have left a deposit for equipment damage with the courier for example, or if you handed over your passport to reception on arrival you can collect this when you leave. Your courier will inspect your accommodation before refunding your equipment damage deposit. If you need to leave early in the morning to meet your travel arrangements, you may need to take care of this the day before.

Is there a comment card?
We no longer provide a comment card, however when you return home you will receive an email from Reevoo who collect all feedback independently on our behalf.
How do I reclaim lost property?

We will do our best to find your lost property item(s). If we find your item(s) we will call to let you know. We will need to take a £16 admin/postage fee to return it (if the item is expensive or large there may be additional postage costs). If we cannot locate your item(s) we will send you a letter to let you know, which you may be able to use to make a claim through your insurance.

Please email all the following details to the customer relations team and allow us up to 28 days to look into it:

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Telephone number
  • Booking reference
  • Parc
  • Accommodation type
  • Description of lost property
  • Where was the item left?

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I am unable to access My Eurocamp.

Please check that you are entering the correct information. If you are having difficulty with the Turing Test, try playing the image as a sound or alternatively, select to amend the image. If this persists please contact us. If, however, you have booked through a Travel Agent you will be unable to gain access to the My Eurocamp facility and will need to contact your agent with any queries or amendments.

I am unable to add my estimated time of arrival (ETA).

If we have made your travel arrangements on your behalf you do not have to advise us of your ETA. If you are taking travel through Eurocamp but are not going direct to the campsite and think you may arrive late, please advise us by telephone or email.

I am unable to add extras to my booking.

If there is no option to add a specific extra this will be because it’s not available to book on that campsite. Please call the customer service team if you have any queries.

There are no documents in My Eurocamp.

If you have only just made a booking it can take up to 48 hours for the documents to appear. If you have booked a holiday for next year there will be no documents to view until approximately the end of summer.

I can’t download my documents.

Please check if you need to update your Adobe reader first. If you still have trouble please contact our call centre staff who will be happy to help you.