Useful Holiday Information

Pool Safety

Not all parcs have lifeguards on duty and those that do may only be on parc in July and August, or for a limited time during the day. We strongly advise that you supervise your children at all times when they are using swimming pools and waterchutes. For your own safety we ask that you adhere to the swimming pool regulations.

Parc facilities

Parc owners may decide not to open all facilities between the parc contracted opening dates shown in the parc facility section (ie swimming pool, shop, bars and restaurants) subject to weather, demand, time of the year or local regulations. As we do not own the parcs, such events are regrettably beyond our control. For the most up to date information, please check the parc pages on the website.

Local Activities

Some on-parc and all ‘Nearby’ local activities and outdoor pursuits shown in the parc descriptions are run by local companies and operators. Eurocamp have no involvement in these activities and are simply taking the opportunity to highlight activities that may be of interest to you. Please check your insurance documents to ensure you are adequately covered.

Pitch Size

emptyThe size of pitch varies from one region to another. Typically those on inland parcs are larger than those on the coast, and Italian pitches are usually comparatively small. To assist you we show in the parc description the size of pitch that will typically be found on that parc, but please note that pitches are not all the same size on each parc. Small will be less than 80m², medium will be between 81m² and 100m² and large will be over 100m².

Parc Size

emptyWe classify a small parc as having 300 or fewer pitches, a medium-sized parc as having between 301 and 499 pitches and a large parc as having 500 or more pitches. Eurocamp will normally only have a small proportion of this total number.

Size of Party and Addional People Joining on Holiday

A number of our parcs restrict the total emptyparty size to six persons. If you are taking a larger party please check the parc description. We limit the party size of our mobile homes for your own comfort. You need to notify us before departure if additional people intend to join you for part of your holiday. The parc and party restrictions apply to these additional people.

Swimming Pools

Parc owners may decide not to open emptyswimming pools between the parc contracted opening dates shown in the parc facility section. They are generally open in May but may open only if demand is sufficient. On-parc pools are free to Eurocamp customers unless otherwise specified and are not usually heated.

Not all parcs have lifeguards on duty and those that do may only be on parc in July and August, or for a limited time during the day. We strongly advise you supervise your children at all times when they are using swimming pools and waterchutes. For your own safety, we ask that you adhere to the parc's swimming pool regulations. 


Many parc owners have banned swim shorts, bermudas and cut-off jeans in the pools for hygiene reasons. To be safe please pack conventional swimwear. Local law requires the wearing of bathing caps on Italian and Spanish parcs. These can be purchased on the parc. For more specific information, please check the parc pages.

Arrival on Parc

We regret we cannot guarantee special requests including adjacent accommodation. You may make a request at the time of booking and we will notify our couriers at the parc. Our couriers may be able to meet your request, depending on the way in which our accommodation is located on the parc and the departure pattern of preceding customers. Adjacent accommodation is not available on every parc.

Arrival on Parc

Your accommodation is available from 3pm, so please plan your holiday to arrive on parc between 3pm and 8pm. Particularly in Italy you may find that parc barriers are lowered between 12 - 3pm for siesta. If you arrive after 8pm our reception will be closed but our couriers will still be on-parc. Most parcs close their gates between 10pm and 8am, so if you arrive later or leave earlier you may have to leave your car outside and enter and depart on foot.


Parc owners/local authorities may impose restrictions/bans on the use of barbecues - particularly at times of high fire risk. Please refer to the parc pages for confirmation on whether or not a barbecue is provided with your accommodation. Charcoal is not provided.

Parc Charges

Many activities are free but you normally pay for use of parc amenities such as tennis, mini-golf, sauna, solarium, pedalos, bicycle hire and pony rides for example. There may be a charge for other facilities on some parcs. There is usually a charge for washing and drying machines. Irons can be borrowed free of charge from the Eurocamp reception.

Parc Official Ratings

We show the official rating (where one exists) in the parc description. In France, Italy and Portugal there are star ratings (4 star is the highest category). In Spain parcs are classed as Luxury or 1st to 3rd category. There are no official ratings in Austria, Holland, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Please note official ratings reflect only the ratio of facilities to pitches, not the location or maintenance. There are parcs with lower official ratings which are still excellent, and remember our aim is to only feature parcs where standards are guaranteed to be acceptable to our customers.

Parc Rules

We ask all our customers to comply with parc rules established for the comfort of all customers (see our booking conditions). Most parcs impose a rule of silence after 10.30pm. It should be noted that even the quietest parcs can become busy and lively in high season.

Parc Safety

For the well-being of all, each parc will require customers to follow basic safety guidelines whilst on-parc. We ask that you observe speed limits, and that all members of your party are alert for cars and bikes. Please accompany all children to the beach and swimming pool, and ensure they wear armbands/floats if required. All customers should follow the rules on diving, jumping and use of waterchutes and waterslides and not run on the pool-side. Only one person at a time should travel down each lane of a waterslide or waterchute and only travel feet first. Most parcs operate security systems which may require payment of a refundable deposit or a wrist band or entry pass to the parc and/or pool.

Car Parks on Parc

Normally you can park your car next to your accommodation (unless otherwise stated in the parc description). If your family takes two cars it is unlikely that you will be able to park both cars on your pitch. The second car usually has to be left in the car park. Some parcs refuse two cars, while other parcs make a charge when you arrive. Please check at time of booking.

Kids' Clubs - Mini Fun Station, Learn to Ride, Learn to Swim, Tumble Tots, Fun Station, Leo's, Mac's, The Station, Base, Soccer Station and Action Station

Please note that attendance at our children's clubs is subject to availability. We limit the number of children that can attend each club for health and safety reasons - ask your courier on arrival for details to avoid disappointment. All our kids' club couriers are specialist employees and in the event of illness may be hard to replace immediately. We regret that children under the age of 4 are not permitted to join in Leo's Fun Station or Fun Station for All due to enhanced levels of supervision required. Children aged under 12 are not allowed to join Base activities. For some Base activities there may be a charge payable locally. Dates and parcs are provided for guidance only and are subject to change.


Please note that the travel cots we supply to families with babies and toddlers will not fit into most of our mobile home bedrooms. However, there is a detachable side rail for one of the beds in the twin bedroom of many of our mobile homes. Most customers use this rail to make the bed into a 'cot' for infants. Please note that the height of the rail (at 2 feet above the mattress) does not comply with specific UK cot regulations. 

Our newer mobile homes no longer have a side rail. Instead, one of the two single beds in the second bedroom can be stored away, creating space for a travel cot. Travel cots should be requested at time of booking.

Disabled Customers

Some of our parcs are suitable for disabled customers. Please check at time of booking.

Siesta Time

Further south it is often customary to take an afternoon 'siesta' so keeping things quiet during late afternoon is appreciated. A few parcs may close swimming pools at this time.

Travelling in Holland

All persons from the age of 14 are required to show a valid identity document if stopped by the police or other law enforcement authorities on request. Passports or photo driving licences are the only acceptable forms of ID. A child aged 14-16 years on a parent's passport is not considered a valid identity document and as such will be required to have his or her own.