Tour de France

Mont St Michel

Stage 1 - Starting Saturday 2nd July

The Grand Départ will kick off at the foot of the dramatic Mont St Michel in North Brittany, and the ensuing 188km will take in some truly stunning coastal views up to Utah Beach, one of the Normandy D-Day landing beaches on 6th June 1944.

Nearby parcs: Domaine des Ormes, Château Lez Eaux, Camping du Golf

Normandy Coastline

Stage 2 - Sunday 3rd July

Now everybody's warmed up and first day nerves are settled, day 2 sees a further 182km being covered. Beginning at Saint-Lô, the teams will take in more coastal views until they climb the punishing Côte de La Glacerie in Cherbourg to the finish line. That one should sort the wheat from the chaff!

Nearby parcs: Château Lez Eaux, Camping du Golf


Stage 3 - Monday 4th July

Day three will begin on Normandy's west coast in the town of Granville...with today's final destination still to be determined. 

This and the rest of the route will be revealed by the organisers on 20th October 2015.

Nearby parcs: Domaine des Ormes, Château Lez Eaux