10 nights or more?

Holidays of 10 nights or more

Whilst many of our most popular holiday destinations are fully booked, trust us when we say that you can still find the odd gem out there!

To make life easier for you, we've compiled the list below of holidays for this summer, for 9 nights, 10 nights or longer between 18th July - 30th August. When you've found the holiday you want from the list, enter the region, dates and your party make-up into the search form and go! But when it's gone, it's gone, so hurry...

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Northern France

BS015Le Ty Nadan10 nights from 6th AugustBrittany South
BS018Des Menhirs10 nights from 6th AugustBrittany South
PA011International Maisons Laffitte10-14 nights from 25th July
14 nights from 8th August
14 nights from 16th August
PC011La Bien Assise13 nights from 11th AugustPicardy
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Central France

VS017Bel10 nights from 30th JulyVendée South
VN017Les Ecureuils10 nights from 14th AugustVendée North
DR040Le Val d'Ussel14 nights from 27th JulyDordogne
DR015Le Moulin de Paulhiac12 nights from 20th AugustDordogne
AL014La Ferme de la Serraz14 nights from 12th AugustAlps
JU011La Pergola14 nights from 30th JulyJura
JU013Le Val de Bonnal10 nights from 1st AugustJura
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Southern France

MC016Le Val de Cantobre12 nights from 23rd AugustArdèche
PY011Airotel Pyrénées14 nights from 21st AugustPyrénées
WM018Camping Club Mar Estang10 nights from 14th AugustRoussillon
HP012Le Val de Durance10 nights from 25th JulyRiviera
RV023Parc Saint James Oasis14 nights from 25th JulyRiviera
RV013L'Etoile d'Argens14 nights from 25th July
10 nights from 12th August
RV082Marina Paradise10-14 nights from 12th AugustRiviera
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Central Italy, Italian Lakes and the Adriatic

IS014Baia Domizia14 nights from 25th JulyCentral Italy
IA012Pra'Delle Torri10 nights form 23rd JulyAdriatic
IA021Ca'Savio14 nights from 25th JulyAdriatic
IN017Norcenni Girasole Club14 nights from 9th AugustCentral Italy
IN015Le Pianacce14 nights from 8th AugustCentral Italy
IL020Cisano San Vito9 nights from 13th AugustItalian Lakes
IL024Zocco10 nights from 15th AugustItalian Lakes
IS013I Pini Family Park14 nights from 4th AugustCentral Italy
IL022Camping del Garda11 nights from 13th AugustItalian Lakes
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Costa Dorada and Costa Brava

CD018La Torre del Sol9 nights from 21st AugustCosta Dorada
CD015Vilanova Park10 nights from 23rd July
11 nights from 19th August
Costa Dorada
CD019Playa Montroig Resort9 nights from 20th AugustCosta Dorada
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Rest of Europe

Austria and Switzerland

AU019Bella Austria14 nights from 25th July
14 nights from 8th August
14 nights from 16th August
AU011Sportcamp Woferlgut14 nights from 8th AugustAustria
SW011Bella Tola14 nights from 24th July
14 nights from 7th August
12 nights from 18th August
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