• Nearest Lake: 15km

  • Nearest Town: St Peter am Kammersberg 2km

  • Nearby Towns:

    • Etrach lake: 6km
    • Grebenzen - St. Lambrecht: 32km
    • Klagenfurt: 80km
    • Graz: 130km
    • Salzburg: 160km


Just about 90 minutes' drive from the parc is Salzburg, best known for its hills being 'alive with the sound of music'! Scenic Solktaler Nature Park is worth a family day out. Closer to parc, choose from an array of hiking and biking trails, and at the River Mur you can take part in water sports such as white water rafting or simply take a gentle stroll through the meadows.

Days Out



A bit of a drive away (165 km) but well worth the journey is the historic Salzburg. Best known for its hills being ‘alive with the sound of music’, why not have a yodeling competition whilst you're there!

Gunster Waterfalls

Gunster Waterfalls

Spend time at the magical Gunster waterfalls, just 5 km away. You can reach the top by climbing up the specially constructed paths.

Events in the Region

Formula One, Spielberg.

Formula One, Spielberg

The Austrian Grand Prix was a Formula One race held in 1964, 1970–1987 and 1997–2003. The Grand Prix was revived at the Red Bull Ring (formally the A1-Ring) during the 2014 Formula One season.

Off Parc Activities

In the summer months this exquisite area makes the perfect place to get away from modern life; enjoy the chance to cycle, hike and horse-rise around the serene alpine hills and pathways. You can also enjoy the Mur River nearby which offers lots of watersports like white water rafting and has cycle paths running alongside it.

The following activities are available off parc:

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2 km from site
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Horse Riding

6 km from site


20 km from site