• Nearest Beach: Direct Access

  • Nearest Town: Noja 1km

  • Nearby Towns:

    • Noja: 1km
    • Santona: 12km
    • Laredo: 25km
    • Santander: 44km
    • Santillana Del Mar: 67km
    • Bilbao: 76km


Aside from the many sandy beaches in the area, take a trip to Santander via ferry from Pedreña and visit its Royal Summer Palace and gardens. Then there's the medieval town of Santillana, home to cobbled streets and a 12th century monastery. Parque de Cabârceno zoo is less than an hour's drive away with an array of different species, including exotic birds and birds of prey.

Days Out

Parque de Cabârceno zoo

Parque de Cabârceno

Parque de Cabârceno zoo is less than an hour's drive away with an array of different species, including exotic birds and birds of prey. The bears, gorillas, wolves and other animals stay in a free environment in huge enclosures. The parc can be visited by car, bus or on foot.



You must also visit the historic port of Bilbao, lying at the very heart of the Basque country, and the medieval town of Santillana, home to cobbled streets and a 12th century monastery.

Costa Verde

Picos de Europa mountains

Known as ‘The Green Coast’ for the sparkling green and blue waters of the sea and the lush scenery all around, Playa Joel promises you incredible views from the ocean to the majestic peaks of the Cantabrian and Picos de Europa mountains.

Parque de Cabârceno zoo

Zoo Santillana del Mar

Zoo Santillana del Mar is excellent animal attraction. It is heavily involved with conservation work so it houses some of the rarest primates in the world, along with lions, leopards, bears and many more fascinating creatures. There is also a farm section for children to pet their farmyard favourites like rabbits and donkeys.



We highly recommend you drive along the beautiful coast to Pedreña. From here, take the ferry to Santander. The crossing takes about fifteen minutes. In Santander you can admire the Royal Palace with beautiful gardens.


Tregandín beach

Tregandín and Ris beach is a wetland of very high ecological value, which is also very beautiful and is part of the Nature Reserve of Santoña and Noja.

Events in the Region

Haro Wine Battle

Haro Wine Battle

This bizarre event dates back to 1290 where participants liven up proceedings by “baptizing” each other in wine, involving some 5,000 participants wearing white T-shirts until they turn a deep shade of purple. Around 20,000 litres of wine are thrown around and anyone is fair game even television camera crews! When the supplies of ammunition have dwindled the festivities carry on into the night with dancing, fireworks and general merriment.

Running of the Bulls, Pamplona

Running of the Bulls, Pamplona

Each year Pamplona plays host to a huge party including the famous historical ‘running of the bulls’, which dates way back to the 14th century. This vibrant event attracts visitors from across the globe and consists of participants running in front of a dozen bulls that have been let loose in a designated area of the town. The running of the bulls is part of the seven day San Fermín festival which offers an exciting variety of stalls, arts and festivities.

Festival International de Santander

Festival International de Santander

Held since 1948, this festival showcases dance, theatre, ballet, music, opera and recitals from international performers across a range of different stages over the month of August, including palaces, churches, gardens and caves.

Semana Grande, Bilbao and San Sebastian

Semana Grande, Bilbao

The Aste Nagusia ('Semana Grande' in Spanish and 'Big Week' in English) is the biggest party of the year in Bilbao! Basque culture is celebrated to the fullest, with traditional Basque music and dancing, Basque rural sports (think wood chopping and stone carrying), and a street parade of giants. There are of course bullfights, but you can give these a miss and just enjoy the great atmosphere. The daily events are followed by a nightly fireworks competition, concerts and even more partying.

Off Parc Activities

There are a number of opportunities for everyone to partake in cycling, water rafting, windsurfing, canoeing and more. Less than a kilometre from the campsite you will find facilities for karting, cycling, surfing and horse riding, and of course the campsite has direct access to a beach where you can splash around all day long. Ris beach is particularly suitable for canoeing and surfing. Tremgandín beach is great for practising diving because of the crystal clear waters.

The following activities are available off parc:

Sports Information

Quad Biking

25 km from site
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0.5 km from site

Driving Range

0.5 km from site

Horse Riding

0.7 km from site


0.3 km from site

Boat trips

15 km from site


40 km from site

Adventure Course

0.5 km from site
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Scuba Diving

35 km from site


40 km from site


0.5 km from site


0.5 km from site