• Nearest River: 0.1km

  • Nearest Town: Saint Astier 0.5km

  • Nearby Towns:

    • Perigueux: 18km
    • Brantôme: 33km
    • Bergerac: 45km
    • Le Bugue: 56km
    • Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil: 61km
    • Bordeaux: 121km


Days Out

Perigueux, le pontet, saint astier, campsite, dordogne


Situated on the banks of the Isle River this historic town has a rich history and contains many architectural treasures. Visit the excellent museums, then meander through the picturesque streets (don't miss the Rue Limogeanne - it's a real gem), before heading for the jewel in the crown - the 16th century Cathedral of Saint Front.

Perigueux, le pontet, saint astier, campsite, dordogne, bergerac


The historic old town with its half timbered buildings, lovely flower filled squares and narrow streets is the perfect place for a leisurely afternoon. Do visit the Maison de Vins de Bergerac located in the heart of the old town in a beautiful old cloister, where you can learn all about the history of the Bergerac wines.

Perigueux, le pontet, saint astier, campsite, dordogne, brantome


This pretty romantic village is picture perfect. Go boating beneath the arches on the river, then meander along cobblestones polished smooth by centuries of pilgrims following the way of Saint James from Brantôme to Santiago.

Perigueux, le pontet, saint astier, campsite, dordogne, sorges


Just a 30 minute drive north of Périgueux is Sorges, the self proclaimed truffle capital of the Dordogne. The famous black Périgord truffle are known as black diamonds, due to the cost! Visit the truffle museum and then take the lovely Sentier des Truffières through vineyards, walnut plantations and meadows.

Perigueux, le pontet, saint astier, campsite, dordogne, lascaux

Grotte de Lascaux

Although the original Lascaux cavern is closed to the public, a faithful replica was created perfectly mirroring the prehistoric rock paintings. Join in the guided tour and step back 17,000 years!

Perigueux, le pontet, saint astier, campsite, dordogne, gouffre de proumeyssac

Gouffre de Proumeyssac

Visit the incredible 'cathedral of crystal'. The caves at Proumeyssac mainly form one huge cavern and contain some amazing stalactites and stalagmites. A musical show illuminates the cavern and formations and visitors can descend to the floor in a 'basket'. Guided visits take about 45 minutes.

Off Parc Activities

This parc is situated next to a beautiful river which is perfect for a spot of fishing. There's also tennis courts and a public swimming pool just across the river in Saint Astier, both of which offer reduced rates to our customers.

Saint Astier, Tennis & Swimming - reduced fees

€2 per person per day in the public swimming pool. €5 per session at the Tennis Courts

Please pay for the tennis and swimming at the parc reception.

The following activities are available off parc:

Tennis 0.5 km from site
Golf 15 km from site
Driving Range 15 km from site
Boat trips 9 km from site
Adventure Course 25 km from site
Canoeing 0.5 km from site