• Nearest Beach: Wassenaarse Slag 4km

  • Nearest Lake: 5km

  • Nearest River: Rijnsburg 7km

  • Nearest Town: Wassenaar 0.5km

  • Nearby Towns:

    • Leiden: 10km
    • Delft: 22km
    • Haarlem: 33km
    • Rotterdam: 35km
    • Gouda: 38km
    • Amsterdam: 49km


The capital and cultural city, Amsterdam, is about 50km from Duinrell and is so easy to reach using public transport. Leiden is approximately 12km away and is home to a university as well as many museums and churches. Madurodam is where you will find the largest miniature city in the world and historical Rotterdam is also worth a visit while you're here.

Days Out


Duinrell Theme Park

One of Duinrell’s most popular attractions has to be the theme park, which is a spectacular experience for old and young alike. There are lots of great roller coasters and attractions, as well as a Fairytale Wonderland and children’s shows.

Rembrandt museum

Rembrandt House Museum

Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam will put you in the previous home and studio of the famous painter where you can feel the atmosphere in which he created his masterpieces.

Den Haag

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

There are so many wonderful museums and galleries in this region you could spend your whole holiday exploring them and still not see them all. Gemeentemuseum Den Haag should be high on your to-do list; it is world-renowned for an impressive collection of modern art.



Wander to Wassenaar for a little tipple, a memorable meal or a day in the sun on the golden sands. The authentic town is only a 10 minute walk from the campsite.

Sea Life Centre


Scheveningen is a great day out. As well as a fabulous beach it is home to a sea life centre where you can experience the thrill of a deep sea dive as you walk through an underwater tunnel and sharks and sea creatures swim over head.  

Artis Royal zoo

Artis Royal Zoo

At Artis Royal Zoo there are hundreds of animals representing every kingdom of the tree of life, as well as beautiful gardens and fascinating sculptures.


Keukenhof Gardens

A trip to Holland wouldn’t be complete without seeing the iconic displays of flowers at Keukenhof Gardens. The tulips flower from mid March to mid May when the fields are one of the most photographed sites in the world.



Leiden and Amsterdam are easily accessible, either by bus or train. Leiden is a quieter alternative to Amsterdam but it still has quaint canals and bridges and is full of great shops, bars and cafés. It also has a university and lots of museums and churches.

Events in the Region



Amsterdam's annual contemporary dance festival takes place on a variety of stages at the Leidesplein and other venues across Amsterdam. Dances are performed by international artists and contemporary choreographers, showcasing all the latest trends and the most innovative creations in the field. Text, visual arts, film and urban dance are a regular feature of this festival. 2019 dates to be confirmed.

Off Parc Activities

There are cycle paths everywhere you look because the flat, local countryside is ideal for walking and cycling. Surprisingly the area is also good for abseiling and climbing which can be done just 100 m from the parc.

There is a beach just 4 km away where you can have lots of fun in the sun.

The following activities are available off parc:

Golf 8.5 km from site
Driving Range 12 km from site
Boat trips 10 km from site
Scuba Diving 15 km from site