• Nearest Lake: Direct Access

  • Nearest Town: Bolsena 2km

  • Nearby Towns:

    • Pitigliano: 49km
    • Montepulciano: 72km
    • Perugia: 91km
    • Assisi: 102km
    • Talamone: 105km
    • Rome: 110km


Take a trip into the historical town of Bolsena, capital of the lake itself and pay a visit to Museo Territoriale del Lago di Bolsena atop the hill at Rocca Monaldeschi della Cervara castle, where once you've had your history lesson you can marvel at the outstanding lake views. Further afield is the artistic city of Perugia, with many impressive buildings of archeological interest, including the Basilica of San Domenico.

Days Out

Tuscany sightseeing, parco di bomarzo

Parco di Bomarzo

Parco di Bomarzo, or the ‘the garden of monsters’ is great fun for the children. It is a unique park with huge rock carvings of animals and unusual creatures which children are allow to climb on. They can also let off steam around the gardens and explore the strange house that leans and tilts.

Lake Bolsena

Museo Territoriale del Lado di Bolsena

This museum overlooks Bolsena’s medieval quarter from the hilltop ‘Rocca Monaldeschi della Cervara’ castle, and houses three floors of historic artefacts. You'll see the town’s historic past from prehistoric to Ertuscan-Roman periods and get stunning views of the entire lake.



Bolsena is a beautiful city with a rich history, which can be seen everywhere. The town has Etruscan-Roman city walls and many monuments, such as churches and an amphitheater. The surroundings of the town are beautiful.

Rome colosseum


Further afield but still within easy reach are some of Italy’s most iconic towns. Rome is 100 km away (via the autostrada) – not too far for a fabulous day trip. Florence, Siena, Perugia and Assisi are a comfortable distance away too.


Orvieto and Viterbo

You'll see Orvieto’s famous Duomo from miles away. It is a popular tourist attraction because of its carved exterior and dramatic interior. There are lots of great restaurants and shops around the town’s main square and medieval quarter and the city is also known for its underground caves.

Off Parc Activities

Lido Camping Village offers you direct access to a lakeside beach that’s ideal for sunbathing, swimming, canoeing, and in particular, windsurfing. In Bisentina, one of Lake Bolsena’s two islands (the only one open to the public), there are ideal fishing spots.

Just outside of the parc you will find cycle hire and in easy reach there are also horse riding facilities.

The following activities are available off parc:

Horse Riding 12 km from site
Cycling 2 km from site
Boat trips 2 km from site
Pedalos 2 km from site
Dinghy sailing 2 km from site