• Nearest Beach: Marina di Cecina 4km

  • Nearest Lake: Direct Access

  • Nearest River: River Cecina 3km

  • Nearest Town: Cecina 2km

  • Nearby Towns:

    • Voltera: 35km
    • Livorno: 41km
    • Populonia: 45km
    • Pisa: 58km
    • Siena: 90km
    • Florence: 114km


Less than an hour away is the city of Pisa, home to the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa, but there are plenty of other attractions to visit nearby too. The lovely Etruscan coast - the coastal belt which encloses the natural oasis of Bolgheri, the splendid pine-wood of Cecina, the rolling countryside of Bibbona, Bolgheri and Monte Calvi - is just waiting to be explored. Inland, the medieval towns of Castagneto Carducci, Suvereto and Campiglia Marittima are a must for art and history lovers; admire the authentic walls and wonderful fortified buildings. Alternatively, why not visit a local vineyard - at Querceto there is a medieval castle that's been transformed into a winery where you can enjoy a wine tasting.

Days Out

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The world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually a bell tower for the adjacent cathedral. Situated in the Square of Miracles (or Piazza dei Mirracoli) it's one of the region's most iconic sights. Climb to the top for amazing views, but make sure you buy your tickets in advance. Children under 8 are NOT allowed to climb the tower.

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Aqua Village, Cecina

Just 6km away is one of the best water parks in Italy! This is a Hawaiian themed watery paradise featuring a 'volcanic island', amazing water slides and beautiful lagoon pools. There's something here for all ages, including the Moku, a special island and lagoon just for children.

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Known as the city of Alabaster, this walled hilltop town is simply enchanting. The 13th century Palazzo dei Priori dominates the central square, while an enormous Medici Fortress is visible from miles away. Explore the Etruscan acropolis, Roman Amphitheater and excellent Etruscan Museum.

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Etruscan Coast

Sandy beaches and rocky inlets alternate for over 30km - the Gulf of Barrati, Buca delle Fate, Perelli and Torre Mozza are just some of the places famous for their unspoilt beauty. Don't miss the medieval village of Populonia set on a hill, surrounded by the sea, inside the walls you'll find a fortress, paved streeds and little shops.

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Parco Avventura

The 'Hanging Garden' tree top adventure has 5 courses to try, two of these are for children over 1.1m tall, the others are for adults and children over 1.4m. With varying levels of difficulty, it makes for an exhilarating afternoon out.

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Parc Preistorico Peccioli

For something completely different, why not head inland and take a walk on the wild side at a prehistoric parc featuring 22 reproductions of life size dinosaurs! There's also a small entertainment area with carousels and a Dino-train for little ones.

Off Parc Activities

Along the coast you'll find numerous sailing, surfing and scuba diving clubs. The nearest beach, Cecina Mare, is excellent for swimming and windsurfing and is just 4km away, or why not try horse-riding and go trekking in the surrounding hinterland? For a complete change, visit Cavallino Matte near Livorno - this is the largest amusement park in Tuscany with a wide variety of rides, including four rollercoasters, as well as gentler rides for children.

The following activities are available off parc:

Golf 34 km from site
Horse Riding 4 km from site
Karting 7 km from site
Adventure Course 7 km from site
Scuba Diving 7 km from site
Windsurfing 9 km from site