History of Denmark

Denmark, Aarhus


Denmark’s second city is a place of many contrasts. The Old Town, a living museum that dates back to the renaissance, is very enlightening.

Jelling, Denmark


This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers two famous 8th century Jelling Monuments. The visitor centre tells the fascinating story behind the runic stones and Royal burial mounds.

Denmark, Koldinghus Castle


Burnt down in the 19th Century and for years little more than a romantic ruin, it’s now restored to its former 13th Century splendour.

Denmark, history

Prindsens Palace

Once the Prince’s Palace in Copenhagen and now home to the Danish National Museum, it holds much of the Royal furnishings, including some spectacular Flemish tapestries.

Denmark, Vejle Kunstmuseum

Vejle Kunstmuseum

A fascinating museum containing a wealth of Danish art including sculptures, paintings, drawings and more than 50 etchings by Rembrandt.