Camping Holidays in Burgundy

Towns and Villages of Burgundy



Built on a series of terraces overlooking the River Yonne, with a pretty pleasure-boat harbour, surrounded by medieval houses. Amongst Auxerre’s imposing buildings is the Gothic Cathedral of St Stephen, a 15th Century clock tower and the Leblanc-Duvernoy Museum, with its magnificent tapestries.



This splendid, fortified town has withstood everyone from the Saracens to the English over the centuries. Now its proud ramparts, overlooking the ravines of the River Cousin are facing another British invasion, but the campers come in peace.



Right at the heart of the Burgundy countryside, this charming town was once the residence of the Dukes of Burgundy. Beaune still displays a regal splendour that makes it one of the most striking places in the region. Visit the 15th Century hospital with its amazing facades and spend a while in the Burgundy Wine Museum.

Besancon, Cathedral St Jean.


Besancon’s glories include the 16th century Palais Granville and 12th century Cathedral St Jean. And the stunning 19th century Astronomical Clock, when it strikes the hour, is out of this world.

Dijon notre dame


Get a taste of Dijon’s many treasures (as well as its mustard) including the 11th century Church of St Etienne, the Musée des Beaux Arts and the magnificent 13th century gothic Notre Dame Cathedral. The bells, the bells – no, not that Notre Dame.



Nestling on the edge of the Morvan Hills and offering superb views, this peaceful town is a haven of tranquillity. Home to the Basilica of St Mary Magdalene, it also provides the chance to see architecture dating back as early as the 9th Century. Lose yourselves in the old town’s twisting streets, intricate doorways and mullion windows.