Camping Holidays in Tuscany, Central Italy & Elba

Rome's birthday

Rome's Birthday

Said to have been found by Romulus and Remus in 753 BC, Rome celebrates its birthday by holding special events including concerts, parades, historical re-enactments, gladiators at the Coliseum and huge fireworks displays.

San Gimignano Medieval Festival

San Gimignano Medieval Festival

The Ferie delle Messi festival brings all kinds of medieval practitioners to town such as jugglers, acrobats and jousting knights. Although a great tourist attraction this festival is also for the benefit of the locals who take great pride in their historic town and its vibrant past.

Events, Infiorata


Lake Bolsena has a famous annual flower festival, ‘Infiorata’, which takes place on the second Sunday after Whitsunday as part of the Corpus Domini celebrations. A carpet of flowers (nearly 3km long) is laid down for the procession, which depict holy figures and resemble stained glass using rose petals and other flowers.  The celebrations culminate with an extravagant firework display.

Events, Festival dei Due Mondi

Festival dei Due Mondi

During late June and early July every year, the ‘Festival dei Due Mondi’ takes place in Spoleto. The town comes alive with a variety of performing arts events: ballet, exhibitions, concerts and theatre.

Palio Siena Horse Race

Palio Siena Horse Race

A tradition since the 14th century, for the people of Siena the Palio horse-race is a matter of life and death. Ten bareback riders clash in a frenzied 90-second dash around the huge Piazza del Campo. Races are held on the 2nd July and the 16th August every year. This is a very popular event so arrive early in the day to ensure that you don't miss out on the action!

Events, Borgo Rock Festival

Borgo Rock Festival

Eat, drink and relax in the courtyard of the Church of Santa Maria... before the drums kick in. Lots of bands, lots of noise and lots of fun! Please note: dates for 2019 are to be confirmed.

Events.  Leggenda dell’Innamorata

Leggenda dell’Innamorata

In Capoliveri, on 14th July there is a historic parade for one of Elba’s most popular legends – Leggenda del’Innamorata. The shore is lined with torchlight and a parade of people in costume, searching for the lost lovers.

Events, Brigidini Festival

Brigidini Festival

Lamporecchio has a traditional ‘Brigidini Festival’ in early August. During the festival you can try the town’s traditional sweet ‘brigidini’ and watch live musical performances. Please note: dates for 2019 are to be confirmed.

Events, Giostra del Saracino

Giostra del Saracino

Sarteano host a number of festivals in the summer. The most significant festival is the 'Giostra del Saracino' on 15th August. There are parades, costumes and flags waved from the five local districts and men on horseback gallop through the town before the ‘Joust of the Saracens’.