Northern Italy Holidays

Where Italy meets the Alps, magical things happen. Not least around the shores of its sporty lakes - Garda, Idro and Maggiore - vast, shimmering bodies of water, surrounded by gracious, spirited resorts. Discover stylish boutiques, the very best Italian trattorias, and fortified towns that hint at this region’s turbulent past (the area’s so beautiful it’s not hard to see why it’s been so jealously protected through the centuries). Water sports fans flock to the beaches and jetties of the Italian lakes - for excursions on, in or under the water. Take a dip at locations like Peschiera, San Vito and Bardolino and you’ll find all the necessary equipment hire to get you windsurfing, sailing or kayaking your way through the sunlit waters…

The magic continues across the Adriatic coast, where history and man-made beauty combine for breath-takingly romantic and beautiful results. Feel the majestic charm of Venice gliding through the serene waterways or profess your undying love from Juliet's balcony in Verona.  

Regions in Northern Italy

Dip into Italy’s watery corner to discover the opulence and majesty of Venice, grand Verona with its roman amphitheatre and perfectly preserved Bologna and Ferrara.

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The famous Italian Lakes – Garda, Idro and Maggiore – offer beauty spots, on tap. Spread your water wings with boat trips and water sports before drying off to discover the Lakes’ stylish resorts.

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