We’ve collated the latest guidance and answers to common questions below, so whether you’re booking or preparing for a holiday, you can be fully informed.


What if I my holiday plans are affected due to Coronavirus/Covid-19?

If the FCDO advises against travel to your destination, or we decide your holiday can’t go ahead as planned, we’ll contact you at least three weeks before your departure date to give you the option of an alternative holiday, or a full refund.

What if I decide I don’t want to travel?

We understand you may be apprehensive about future travel. If our holidays are operating as normal and no FCDO travel restriction is in place when you depart, your holiday will be subject to normal booking conditions and cancellation charges will apply.

As part of our Peace of Mind Promise, you can amend your booking to an alternative date or destination three weeks or more before departure, and the money you’ve paid for your original holiday will all be moved to your new one.

We are waiving any fees for making these changes, but please bear in mind that there may be other additional costs to do this (e.g. increases in travel costs, admin fees charged by travel operators, or differences in accommodation prices for alternative dates).

However, if you’d still prefer to cancel, please complete our cancellation form and we’ll process this for you as soon as possible.

When do I have to pay my balance for my upcoming booking?

Final balance can now be paid at six weeks rather than our usual twelve weeks. And our cancellation terms will not start until six weeks before you depart either, unless you transferred your 2020 holiday to 2021 and carried over cancellation charges.

If the FCDO is advising against leisure travel to your destination when your balance is due, but you wish to hold on to your booking in the hope the FCDO and traffic light advice improves, or you wish to proceed with your holiday against the current FCDO advice, you will need to pay any remaining balance for your holiday.  We still guarantee a full refund if your holiday is later cancelled because the FCDO advice is still against non-essential travel and/or there’s an official requirement to isolate at your destination upon arrival.

I booked my holiday with a Refund Credit Note after my holiday was cancelled. Can I choose to cancel it now and reinstate my RCN to use another time?

Bookings made using a Refund Credit Note are under the same terms and conditions as a new booking. If you no longer want to travel, you can cancel your holiday subject to the applicable cancellation charge.

I’ve booked my travel arrangements myself separately but they have been changed/cancelled by the operator. Can I cancel without penalty? 

If you choose to cancel due to changes with your travel arrangements (such as flights or ferry travel) made with a company other than Eurocamp, you will incur cancellation charges. To avoid any penalties, you could transfer your accommodation booking to an alternative date 3 weeks or more before departure.


What is a Refund Credit Note, and how does it work?

A Refund Credit Note entitles you to rebook a holiday at a future date, or receive a cash refund in future. It retains the financial protection that you had with your original booking, so there is no risk that you will lose the money you’ve paid towards your cancelled holiday. Find out more about Refund Credit Notes, here ›

When does my Refund Credit Note expire?

If you were issued a Refund Credit Note in 2020 and did not use it or request a refund before it expired on 31st March 2021, we will have issued you a new Refund Credit Note with a new expiry date of 31st January 2022.

If you were issued a Refund Credit Note for a cancelled 2021 holiday it will also have an expiry date of 31st January 2022. You can use your Refund Credit Note towards a holiday you already have booked, or to book another one with the incentive you received when it was issued. You are able to exchange your Refund Credit Note for a refund at any point, and we’ll make a payment by bank transfer within 14 days.


What measures will Eurocamp take to keep people safe on your parcs?

We’ve introduced enhanced cleaning and social distancing on all parcs to keep our guests and teams safe. Everything we are doing for your peace of mind once we open is covered in our All Points Protection Programme.

How will my holiday experience be different? Will there be any restrictions in place on the holiday parc?

On every parc, we’ll follow all local guidelines, and review our processes on a regular basis.

Individual parcs may adapt their facilities and procedures to keep guests and staff as safe as possible, and we’ll provide details of any changes on each parc page.


Where can I get a private COVID-19 test?

There are a wide variety of places to get a Covid-19 test if this is required to travel. We’ve teamed up with Randox Heath, a government approved provider, to make the process as straightforward and inexpensive as possible, including:

  • Pre UK Departure Testing (if required by your destination) - Rapid PCR test via a home sample kit. Once the sample is returned, results are delivered the next day, and appropriate certification for travel is provided..
  • Day 2 PCR testing via a home sample kit, including NGS (next generation sequencing) to meet Day 2 isolation requirements.
  • Day 8 Testing PCR testing via a home sample kit, including NGS (next generation sequencing) to meet Day 8 isolation requirements.

For the antigen (lateral flow) test that unvaccinated travellers need to take in destination within 72 hours of the journey home, a suitable testing centre can be found in destination, or alternatively tests can be ordered in advance from one of the following UK Government approved providers:

  • Collinson - Supervised Video Self Test for UK arrivals  
  • Chromonics - Pre-departure rapid antigen COVID-19 test for UK-bound travel 

You cannot take an NHS test abroad with you to use on yourself for the purpose of pre-departure testing, it is essential that you purchase government-approved kits for travel to and from your holiday destination.

It is advisable to arrange your tests as early as possible, however as entry requirements can change and/or your holiday may not go ahead, we recommend that you order testing package(s) two weeks before your holiday is due to start. If you purchase earlier, the sample testing kit has at least 6 months expiry, so you can keep it for up to half a year before you need to travel.

For more information, and to receive 10% off Randox test kits with a Eurocamp promo code, click here.

What is more, whoever you order your government approved tests from, we’ll help cover the cost of testing up to £120 per party! Submit your claim through an online form after your holiday, include your receipt, and we’ll reimburse you up to £30 per person.

Will I need a vaccine certificate to travel?

Some countries will require proof of a vaccination before travel. The most up to date information on entry requirements for the country you are travelling to can be found on the FCDO website.

If you live in England you can download the NHS app, it will show your vaccination status or whether you’ve recently tested negative. If you live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland you cannot use the NHS app, but can obtain an NHS Covid pass. Further details can be found here:

These are being accepted by many destinations as proof of vaccination status.

We booked one accommodation with people from different households. What if this is forbidden in the country we go to?

If you are unable to share your accommodation with another household then we will contact you to discuss options, which could include removing some of the party from your booking, or booking another accommodation.

We will travel by car with people from different households. What if this is forbidden in the country we go to?

If this is the case, we will contact you to discuss options, including either reducing your booking to one household, or adding another ferry crossing.

What happens if I have a positive result 1-3 days before I go on holiday?

We recommend you arrange adequate insurance cover for this kind of scenario, purchased at the time you book. All insurance policies vary so we recommend clarifying what cover is provided for this situation with your insurance company.

If you don’t already have cover, we've teamed up with Voyager Insurance Services Ltd, an award-winning provider of Travel Insurance, to provide insurance that includes covers you for situations where your holiday may be impacted by COVID-19. Click here for more details.

What happens if we go on holiday and our return home test is positive? Where do we self-isolate? Who pays?

Our team on parc will do what they can to support and guide you. Most insurance policies will cover medical and repatriation costs but not necessarily any extended stay or alternative isolation stay costs. We recommend clarifying what cover is provided for situations arising due to Coronavirus with your insurance company.

What if my vaccine date is scheduled during my holiday, can I cancel with full refund?

Cancellation charges would still apply if you need to cancel for this reason. Some insurers may provide cover for this situation, so we recommend checking with your travel insurance company to check what help may be available.

As part of our Peace of Mind Promise, you can amend your booking to an alternative date or destination at any point up to 7 days before your departure date, without loss of any monies paid.