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Splashing good times

Perfect holiday pools for tots

If keeping the little ones occupied and, more importantly, entertained is high on your holiday priorities, why not pick one of our parcs with splash-tastic spraygrounds? These special places have been designed just for tots and offer brilliant toddler pools complete with mini water slides and splashing fountains too. Why not dip your toe into a few of our favourites right now?

Splashtastic parcs for tots


Sylvamar, Gascony

Parc: Sylvamar

Your toddlers are spoilt for choice here; the children's area in the lagoon pool has small slides perfect for little ones, and there's also another dedicated toddler area complete with various water jets and games, cartoon animals and more slides!

St Avit Loisirs

Le Bugue, Dordogne

Parc: St Avit Loisirs

This lovely, leafy parc promises lots of safe surroundings for your little ones to play in – once you tear them away from their very own play pool!

Parc St James Oasis

Parc St James Oasis, Riviera

Parc: Parc St James Oasis

The spray park here is large, bright and colourful and packed with various fountains, jets and water games. Plus there's a separate paddling pool for more splashing fun.

La Baume

Fréjus, Riviera

Parc: La Baume

Get your splash on at two terrific tropical pool complexes at the heart of this parc. Or make tracks to Fréjus beach (5 km away) and enjoy its lovely soft sands.

Le Clarys Plage

St Jean-de-Monts, Vendée

Parc: Le Clarys-Plage

Get set to take your water baby on a tour of 8 mini slides before a splash about in the parc’s water playground.

Le Pianacce

Le Pianacce, Tuscany

Parc: Le Pianacce

This parc is surrounded by beautiful Italian countryside and has a superb sprayground just for tots. They’ll love splashing under the giant mushroom, running through the water jets and zipping down the slides!

La Rive

La Rive, Gascony

Parc:  La Rive

When you’re not building sandcastles at the beach, take the little ones to the jungle-themed sprayground on parc that comes complete with cartoon-style characters – monkeys, parrots, snakes and more!

union lido campsite, cavallino, adriatic

Union Lido, Adriatic

Parc:  Union Lido

With a shallow lagoon pool surrounded by soft sand, slides and even a castle, tots of all ages are guaranteed to have a splash-tastic time at Union Lido. As well as the two spectacular pool complexes there's even a kilometre of private beach too!

Bella Italia

Bella Italia, Italian Lakes

Parc:  Bella Italia

Toddlers will absolutely love the splash area here at Bella Italia. Located in one of the lagoon pools, the brightly coloured platform squirts water from jets, fountains and a big bucket! Plus there are the ever-popular waterslides, too!

Le Ranc Davaine

Le Ranc Davaine, Ardéche

Parc:  Le Ranc Davaine

The large, colourful spray park will keep your little ones entertained, no problem! Brightly coloured with lots of water games and soft jets, it's fun and inviting and a great place to keep cool in the sun.

La Pointe St Gilles

Bénodet, Brittany

Parc: La Pointe St Gilles

Perfectly placed by the French seaside, this family-run parc has fantastic facilities you’ll love, like a toddler pool with a mushroom fountain.

La Croix du Vieux Pont

Berny Rivière, Paris

Parc: La Croix du Vieux Pont

Say ‘Bonjour’ to our closest parc to Disneyland Paris! In between days at the magic castle, little ones will love building sandcastles at the parc’s lakeside beach.