How kid-fluenced are your holidays?

Kid Power! Why children call the shots when it comes to booking breaks

  • Do kid-fluencers choose where you go on holiday?
  • Eurocamp’s ‘Holiday Happy’ report says almost half of British parents let children choose breaks

We all want our children to be happy...and as we rush to book our summer holidays it seems Kid-fluencers are controlling how and where we go away. According to new research from Eurocamp, more of us than ever are now leaving it to the youngsters to decide what we do for our holidays.

As the ‘Holiday Happy’ report reveals, a staggering 88 per cent of all those quizzed said their children had the biggest influence on the holiday they book. A further four out of ten parents admitted giving their Kid-fluencers free rein about where to go, while one in five planned their entire getaway around their children’s hobbies and interests. And the Kid-fluence continues once families arrive at their destination. More than half (54 per cent) of the 1,000 British parents questioned said their children’s wishes dictated the trips and activities they enjoyed while they were away too.

Almost another one in three (30 per cent) considered their kids’ wishes when planning how long to go on holiday for too and nearly one in four (22 per cent) only chose transport options they knew their little ones would be happy with.

As well as hand-picking holidays, children are taking responsibility for preparing for family trips, with a quarter of all respondents telling Eurocamp their kids pack their own luggage.

Regionally, youngsters in Yorkshire are the most independent with 32 per cent getting their suitcase ready – more than any other part of the UK. Children living in the South West were the least likely to take control of their luggage, with 53 per cent leaving it to their parents and only 15 per cent packing their own cases for trips abroad.

Mums were seen as the softer touch, with 44 per cent offering to do it on behalf of their offspring, compared to just 27 per cent of dads who stepped up to take charge.

Speaking about the findings, Eurocamp’s head of marketing, Chris Hilton said: “We know that parents have always worked hard to find somewhere to please everyone. Now they’re going one step further and letting the children – their Kid-fluencers – choose for themselves – giving them license to select where they go and what they do. At Eurocamp we are very proud of the fact that we provide such a wide range of holidays with something that children can choose, and parents will enjoy, which is why more than 90 per cent of families said they’d come back to Eurocamp.”