Refund Credit Bonus

Eurocamp holidays


Your refund credit note could be worth even more than you think!

If you book a holiday higher in value than your credit note, we’ll pay the difference, pound for pound, up to £200. That means you can treat yourself to a longer stay or an accommodation upgrade and really enjoy the holiday you’ve been waiting for.

How to use your refund credit note
Once you have chosen your holiday, select the ‘Refund Credit Note’ option at the payment stage. You’ll qualify for the bonus if your holiday is a higher value than your credit note.

If it’s £50 higher, we’ll pay the extra £50, if it’s £100 higher, we’ll pay the extra £100 - all the way up to £200!

Your bonus won’t appear automatically when you book with your initial deposit, but our team will apply your credit and your bonus if applicable within 1-2 working days. 

We’ll send you an email once this is complete, with how much you’ve got left to pay after your deposit.

Example of holiday bonus
Value of Refund Credit Note:£700
Total cost of new 2022 holiday:£950
Refund Credit Note used:- £700
Bonus applied:- £200
Amount left to pay for new 2022 holiday:£50
Eurocamp holidays

Search for your holiday and select: 'Refund Credit Note' option at payment

Terms and conditions

  • The booking bonus applies if you originally had a confirmed booking, and were issued a Refund Credit Note when you were notified that it could no longer go ahead.
  • The booking bonus applies when booking a 2022 holiday with a higher value than your Refund Credit Note, excluding any travel options.
  • The bonus is not applicable for 3rd party or promotional bookings, only for bookings made directly with us, either online or via our contact centre.
  • In the event that the new 2022 holiday cost is lower than the Refund Credit Note value, any credit remaining after the bonus will be kept on your account for future holidays.
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