Access to the county image library with guidance on the use of images in components including sizing, treatment and optimisation.

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Now you’ve created all these beautiful designs with tabbed sub-pages, promo banners and special you need to put it together in Tridion.

The nuts and bolts ›

Colour palette

Colour use across the site including segment options and variations. Hex values & RGB

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Web and embedded Fonts used across the site, some rules of use and downloads.

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Styling rich text

How to present your content clearly and creatively. Use of icon classes and tables.

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Flexible Components

Full display of Flexible components to see how they work responsively. Includes PSD file.

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Custom Components

How to build promo banners and edit galleries. Download links to template files.

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The Framework

How our site is put together, with master templates to start your designs from.

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Graphic Treatments

Download the latest brush strokes, distressed boxes and general graphic treatments.

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